10 Best K-pop Encore Stages Proving Mic Was ‘ON’: ‘Dream Girl,’ ‘Time for the moon night,’ More!

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It’s every K-pop artist’s dream to win a trophy from a music show amid its highly competitive nature. These victories are always followed by encore stages to celebrate the win.

Fans have received countless encore stages from their favorite K-pop artists through the years. However, some managed to stand out more than others not just for their impressive singing, but also for their star factor and gimmicks!

Here are the 10 best encore stages in K-pop!

1. ‘Dream Girl’ by SHINee


No one will ever forget SHINee’s legendary encore stage in “Show Champion” for “Dream Girl” in 2013. SHINee members have always proven themselves as kings of the stage due to their live performances, which capture the full attention of their audience.

However, in this case for “Dream Girl,” not only did the members slay with their impressive vocals, but also flexed their stability by having beloved member Jonghyun sing the song while doing push-ups!

2. ‘Time for the moon night’ by GFRIEND


GFRIEND is well-known for their difficult and synchronized choreography, but the members are shown to be excellent vocalists too. 

On their encore stage for “Time for the moon night,” the group finished the song with ease, especially main vocalist Yuju, who pulled off the song’s belting high note!

3. Mr. Mr.’ by Girls’ Generation


When it comes to live vocals, Girls’ Generation is indeed one of the groups who would come to mind immediately. In their first win for ‘Mr. Mr.” at “M Countdown,” the girls flexed their soaring vocals, alongside praiseworthy ad-libs, while dancing to the song’s choreography.

4. ‘Dash’ by NMIXX


NMIXX is a precious gem in the fourth-generation when it comes to performance skills, including singing. During their win for “Dash” in “Show Champion,” NMIXX brought back the old-school “singing-while-dancing” type of encores, winning the hearts and praises of netizens.

5. ‘Starry Night’ by MAMAMOO


MAMAMOO is long known to be a vocal-centered group, but the other best thing about their encore stages is how they connect with each other and MooMoos. Their “Starry Night” encore shows how strong this bond is.

6.  Candy’ by EXO Baekhyun


Baekhyun’s “Candy” encore stage was a memorable one due to his amazing vocals and wholesome interaction with his juniors, NCT!

7. ‘Monster’ by Red Velvet Irene & Seulgi


Watch as Irene and Seulgi devour the song “Monster” with their vocals, proving that their mics are always on!

8. ‘The Song’ by BTOB


BTOB has always been considered as a force to be reckoned with due to its strong vocal line, and the encore for “The Song” says it all.

9. ‘Tell Me’ by INFINITE


Apart from INFINITE’s vocals in their “Tell Me” encore, this performance was also remembered due to Myungsoo’s odd caterpillar costume!

10. ‘Daddy’ by PSY


PSY’s encore stage for “Daddy’ in 2015 was indeed core memory material for K-pop fans, as the showman had everyone dancing along, including third-gen groups EXO, BTS, GOT7, and many more!

Do you love any other K-pop encore stages aside from the ones mentioned? Let us know in the comments below!

**] Riely Miller