10 Japanese Female K-Pop Idols With Amazing Stage Presence: TWICE Momo, LE SSERAFIM Sakura, More!

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These ten Japanese K-pop idols are killing the game with their amazing stage presence!

1. Billlie Tsuki

Tsuki went viral for her expressive facial expressions during the group’s “Gingamingayo.” Many people joked that she was like a robot because of how face her facial expressions changed, proving her command of the stage.

Now, she is arguably the most recognizable face from the group.

2. ILLIT Moka

Though the group just debuted, Moka is already earning praise for her adorable visuals and amazing facial expressions. The idol is even receiving explosive reactions from K-pop fans in China, with people loving her adorable, Douyin-like visuals and coquette vibes on stage.


If there is one thing Sakura knows how to do, it’s perform! Starting as a J-pop idol with HKT48 and transitioning to K-pop with IZ*ONE and now LE SSERAFIM, Sakura has 13 years of experience under her belt. She is extremely expressive on stage and knows exactly how to capture the eyes of the audience.

4. Kep1er Hikaru

From the moment she performed BLACKPINK’s “BOOMBAYAH” on “Girls Planet 999” for her first grading stage, everyone knew Hikaru was going to debut. She was simply born to be a star, with sharp dance lines and a gaze that attracts an audience.

Now, with Kep1er, Hikaru stands out as their charismatic main dancer!


Though Ruka officially re-debuted in April 2024, she has quite the experience under her belt. She was previously a J-pop idol under PLATINUM PRODUCTION and was a founding member of the Japanese girl group Shibu3 Project. She has been dancing ever since she was six.

With her command on the stage, it’s no wonder why she’s so loved among Korean netizens!

6. TWICE Momo

Would this list be complete without Momo? Known as the second generation’s “dancing machine,” Momo is known for her amazing dancing and expressions. She is acknowledged not only by K-pop fans but her seniors in the industry.

Girls’ Generation member Hyoyeon has mentioned that Momo is one of the best K-pop dancers out there!

7. RESCENE Minami

RESCENE debuted in March 2024, which means they are rookies as of the time of writing. However, you wouldn’t be able to tell by looking at Minami! She previously competed on “My Teenage Girl,” and was hailed for her performance skills. She even made it to the finale, but failed to debut with CLASS:y.

Now, she is a shining member of RESCENE who thrives on stage!

8. IVE Rei

One member of IVE who is gaining more and more recognition for her talent is Rei. When IVE debuted with “ELEVEN,” Rei captured hearts with her sharp gaze and her dynamic expressions.

As IVE tries out more concepts, from chic to cute, Rei can easily digest them, proving she is a pro idol!

9. aespa Giselle

Giselle naturally oozes charisma, and showing off eye-catching expressions just comes so effortlessly for her. International fans love her “hot girl” image, which has been peeking through the more aespa comes back with strong, girl crush concepts.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that’s the only concept she can pull off.

With her sweet smile, Giselle could easily pull off a cute concept as well!

10. tripleS Kotone

For those who watched “Girls Planet 999,” seeing Kotone on this list is no surprise. During her time on the show, she was an expression fairy! Though she never had any formal idol training before her appearance on the show, she always captivated people with her charms.

Now, as an idol, she can do that on a bigger stage!

Who is your favorite Japanese idol? Tell us in the comments below!