10 K-pop Artists Dominating Star Brand Reputation Rankings in February 2024

To measure the popularity of various Korean celebrities, the Korean Business Research Institute officially announced its brand reputation rankings of all stars in South Korea.

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The list covers well-known celebrities from different sectors such as music, entertainment, film, sports, and many more. According to the institute, the data for the rankings were derived from January 29 to February 29.

Here are the Top 10 K-pop artists reigning February 2024’s star brand rankings!

1. Lim Young Woong

Lim Young Woong
(Photo : Instagram: @im_hero____)

Lim Young Woong secured the first place after garnering a brand reputation index of 6,957,165.


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(Photo : Facebook: SEVENTEEN)

SEVENTEEN managed to secure No. 4 on the original list this February after receiving a brand reputation index of 4,972,307.

3. ASTRO Cha Eun Woo

ASTRO Cha Eun Woo
(Photo : Facebook: ASTRO 아스트로)

Cha Eun Woo completed the top five after gaining a brand reputation index of 4,828,250. The idol-actor has also made his comeback with “ENTITY” his first mini album that marked his solo debut.

4. (G)I-DLE

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(Photo : (G)I-DLE on X (Twitter))

With a brand reputation index of 4,756,409, (G)I-DLE managed to secure the No. 6 spot for the month of February.

5. IU

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(Photo : Kpopping)

IU made it on No. 8 after garnering a brand reputation index of 4,427,114. The singer has consistently gained attention in February due to her comeback “The Winning,” alongside her social media updates, content, and “H.E.R.” world tour.


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(Photo : Instagram: @riize_official)

RIIZE rounded the Top 10 after seeing a brand reputation index of 3,875,523 for February. The fifth-gen leader has also trended for announcing their highly anticipated comeback.

7. IVE

(Photo : Twitter: @IVEstarship)

IVE followed closely on No. 11 with a brand reputation index of 3,690,000.

8. Lee Hyori

Lee Hyori
(Photo : Instagram|@lee_hyolee)

In No. 12, Lee Hyori claimed the spot with a brand reputation index of 3,448,696.


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(Photo : BLACKPINK Facebook)

BLACKPINK secured No. 13 with an index of 3,383,527.

10. Girls’ Generation Taeyeon

(Photo : Taeyeon (Kpopping))

Taeyeon followed through on No. 14 after receiving a brand reputation index of 2,280,826.

See the full list below:

1.    Lim Young Woong

2.    Ryu Hyun Jin

3.    Son Heung Min


5.    ASTRO Cha Eun Woo

6.    (G)I-DLE

7.    Yoo Jae Suk

8.    IU

9.    Ma Dong Seok

10.  RIIZE

11.  IVE

12.  Lee Hyori


14.  Girls’ Generation Taeyeon

15.  Jeon Yu Jin

16.  Kim Min Jae

17.  TWICE

18.  Hwang Hee Chan

19.  Choi Min Sik

20.  Young Tak


22.  Kim Ho Joong

23.  Gong Myung

24.  Baek Jong Won

25.  Park Min Young

26.  Lee Chan Won

27.  Park Shin Hye

28.  Kim Jong Kook

29.  Na In Woo

30.  Gong Yoo

Which K-pop artists on the list are your favorite picks? Let us know in the comments below!

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