10 K-pop Idols With ‘Top Student’ Image: ZB1 Zhang Hao, RIIZE Anton, Minji, More!

In a survey that amassed over 124k votes from K-pop fans, THESE 10 idols were ranked according to who gives off the “#1 Student” vibe the best.

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Who won?

10 K-pop Idols With 'Top Student' Image: ZB1 Zhang Hao, RIIZE Anton, Minji, More!

(Photo : Zhang Hao, Minji, Anton (Kpopping) )

ZEROBASEONE Zhang Hao Crowned as Idol With #1 ‘Top Student’ Image

Zhang Hao is indeed born to become No. 1!

Recently, Daily Sports x Mubeat held a poll under the theme, “Which idol gives off a top student vibe?” The voting period started on October 19 and ended on October 25.

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(Photo : Zhang Hao (Kpop Wiki))

In particular, the aim of the survey is to determine the idols who not only have top-notch visuals, idol skills and talents but also excel in school.

With their good brains, they can immediately memorize choreography at once and it also reflects during their appearance in interviews, broadcasts and more.

As a result, Zhang Hao, born in 2000, sat atop the rankings with 50,955 or 41.1% of the votes.

Looking at his visuals, Zhang Hao is a member who captured fans’ hearts due to his clear features and solid physique.

10 K-pop Idols With 'Top Student' Image: ZB1 Zhang Hao, RIIZE Anton, Minji, More!

(Photo : Zhang Hao (Kpopping))

But he doesn’t only have the top student vibe as was a reality before he became an idol. In China, he’s Top 10 student in the whole school starting in middle school to high school. He also initially passed the China University of Geosciences which is one of the top 5 best colleges for Geoscience in the world.

However, he changed his dream to singer and transferred to Fujian Normal University, where he ranked #1 in the overall CSAT in the region.

BEST 10 Idols With ‘Top Student’ Image: RIIZE Anton, SF9 Inseong, Cha Eun Woo, Minji, More

Following ZB1 Zhang Hao, RIIZE Anton ranked second place with 48,846 votes (39.4%). Prior to becoming an idol, Anton was actually excelling in swimming.

He was a former junior swimmer aspirant who started his dream as young as he was five. When he reached 10, he joined various competitions and won most of them. One of them was when he ranked 10th overall in the U.S. 13-year-old swimming category.

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(Photo : Inseong (Instagram))

SF9 Inseong then ranked third, who is one of the most intelligent K-pop idols with a high IQ.

He attended KyungHee University, one of the most prestigious schools in Korea ans graduated with Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Communication. He also enrolled at Kyunghee Cyber University to get his master’s degree.

In fourth place was ASTRO Cha Eun Woo, whose modifier is “Face Genius.” He was an honorable student, ranking first in his class and third in the school with the highest grades.

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(Photo : Cha Eunwoo (Instagram))

NCT Mark

(Photo : K-pop Wiki)
NCT Mark

NCT Mark also entered the top 5. Before becoming an idol, he studied hard to go to a good university in Canada, and in his second year of middle school, he taught English to a Korean elementary school student studying in Canada.

ENHYPEN Jungwon ranked sixth place, followed by Kep1er Kim Chaehyun in seventh place. Fromis_9 Baek Jiheon and CIX Yonghee were also listed as eighth and ninth places, respectively.

NewJeans Minji

(Photo : Theqoo)

Lastly, NewJeans Minji, who speaks three languages, including Korean, English and Japanese as well as considered the “brain of the group” ranked 10th.