10 K-Pop Songs That Could Be Part of ‘Mean Girls’ Soundtrack: ‘Queencard,’ ‘Spicy,’ More!

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Mean Girls is considered one of the most popular teen movies of all time. Here are ten K-pop songs that could totally be part of the “Mean Girls” soundtrack.

1. aespa – ‘Spicy’

Just like the Plastics, “Spicy” evokes confidence and queen bee vibes.

The music video totally suits the vibes of “Mean Girls,” as it shows aespa as a group of popular high school students who throw a wild party in their expensive, lavish mansion.

2. (G)I-DLE – ‘Queencard’

The title of “Queencard” references a popular South Korean term that refers to a popular, rich girl. The song is cocky and confident, preaching about self-love.

The hook of the song is when the members sing, “I am a queencard / You wanna be the queencard?” That line just exudes Regina George!

3. Sunmi – ‘You Can’t Sit With Us’

“You Can’t Sit With Us” was actually inspired by “Mean Girls”! The line is taken from the fact that during the time the Plastics are turning on Regina George, she is seen wearing sweatpants on a Monday, which goes against their rules. While Regina George tries to shame the girls into forgetting the rules, Gretchen Weiners screams at her, “You can’t sit with us!”

With a song that obviously references the 2004 film, it would make a perfect addition to the soundtrack!


“KITSCH” is a song that evokes self-confidence and love, flaunting the group’s unique charm as well as their dignified appearance. While the song is bubbly and cute, the chorus becomes dark and edgy, showing the two sides of a person.

As “Mean Girls” shows how people can change and the different facets people have, “KITSCH” would fit perfectly into the “Mean Girls” soundtrack.

5. Red Velvet – ‘Bad Boy’

“Bad Boy” tells the love story of a bad boy and a cold woman who can take him down a peg. The song is a sexy girl crush anthem that is loved by the K-pop community despite being released in 2018.

Regina George is known as the queen bee of their high school and has the ability to make any boy fall to her knees. She’d probably relate to the lyrics of “Bad Boy” well, which is why it would be perfect for the soundtrack!

6. Kiss Of Life – ‘Shhh’

If there is any song Janis Ian would listen to secretly in her bedroom, it would be Kiss of Life’s “Shhh”!

The song talks about embracing individuality and the person your personal desires without being held back by what society expects of you. Janis Ian is someone who consciously makes sure to go against the grain and stand out, making this song perfect for her!

7. BLACKPINK – ‘Typa Girl’

“Typa Girl” has been touted as a song to empower women. While the lyrics talk about captivating a man and getting him hooked on a girl, the girl in question is a powerful and wealthy woman that everyone wants and is jealous of!

The Plastic definitely thinks they are that type of girl. After all, they are pretty, rich, and the it girls of their school. This song could totally play during their introduction in the movie!

8. Wonder Girls – ‘So Hot’

“So Hot” is about a girl who is confident in her own beauty and sexiness, noting that she is “so hot” and that men always fall on her feet. In the music video, men are seen instantly falling in love with the members of Wonder Girls, even as they do mundane tasks.

This is how people react when they see Regina George and the other Plastics. The people in the halls make way for them, proving that they are total hot girls!

9. Girls’ Generation – ‘The Boys’

Released in 2011, “The Boys” talks about sexually daring girls who are confident in their beauty and charms, and who love attention from men.

One central plot of “Mean Girls” is how Regina George gets back together with her ex, Aaron Samuels, after discovering Cady Heron has a crush on him. Though she didn’t really want Aaron Samuels back, she wanted the attention to be on her. While dating Aaron, she also dates other people, proving that the boys can’t get their hands off Regina George due to her charms.

10. 2NE1 – ‘I Am The Best’

Considered one of the most confident K-pop tracks to exist, 2NE1 loudly proclaims that they are the best in “I Am The Best.” Some may be considered empowering, but others have also considered it narcissistic.

The same can be said about the Plastic, who are known as the queens of the school. They are well aware of their status and power, making them appear confident. But could that just be their narcissism talking?

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