10 K-pop Songs With ‘Anti-Drop’ Choruses: ‘Stay Tonight,’ ‘You Calling My Name,’ MORE!

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Choruses in songs matter, especially in K-pop. Amid the long list of K-pop songs that feature trap breakdowns and beat drops, most fans just crave good old-fashioned choruses that are nice to hear and memorable enough to sing.

However, the “Anti-Drop” choruses are slowly becoming popular in the trend. The term “Anti-Drop” was famously coined by singer-songwriter Charlie Puth, who explained the songs that utilize this format deliver an intense build-up towards a more laid-back music drop.

To be specific, “Anti-Drop” choruses only use three aspects, which are bass, vocals, and percussion. Instead of an explosive chorus built up from the pre-chorus tension, “Anti-Drop” songs are more likely to feature a subdued delivery.

Here are 10 best K-pop songs with ‘Anti-Drop’ choruses!

1. ‘Stay Tonight’ by Chungha


Chungha’s “Stay Tonight” makes it on the list due to the song’s intense build-up, comprised of the diva’s soaring high notes and the instrumental’s graceful execution. However, listeners are thrown off guard by the song’s suppressed chorus, which is one of its main highlights!

2. ‘You Calling My Name’ by GOT7


GOT7’s dim and moody 2019 hit “You Calling My Name” understands the concept of anti-drop. This is because its chorus perfectly delivered the format with the members’ vocals, thumping together with its bass and beat.

3. ‘Sequence’ by IZ*ONE


IZ*ONE’s “Sequence” is also an example of an anti-drop song.

4. ‘Energetic’ by Wanna One


Wanna One’s “Energetic” possesses one of the most iconic “anti-drop” choruses in K-pop because of its vibrant approach.

5. ‘Easy’ by WJSN The Black


WJSN The Black wrecked many biases in their wake with debut song “Easy,” which featured an anti-drop within its bass riffs, vocals, and irresistible groove!

6. ‘So WhY’ by PURPLE KISS


PURPLE KISS gives listeners a ride with their sophisticated track “So WhY,” but after the song’s pre-chorus build-up, fans are treated to a perfect example of the format through its bass line, vocals, and percussion.

7. ‘Dejavu’ by NU’EST W


A 2018 classic, NU’EST W’s “Dejavu,” makes use of the anti-drop structure when the chorus places a repressed setup that focuses on melodic arrangements.



You know it’s a bop year when VIVIZ released their debut track “BOP BOP” that showcased “anti-drop” execution within the first half of its chorus!

9. ‘Spider’ by SEVENTEEN Hoshi


Hoshi’s track “Spider” utilizes the anti-drop template during its pre-chorus, fueled by the soloist’s performance and the song’s synths running in the background. But when the chorus dropped, it only fashionably offered bass, beat, and vocals in its first half.

10. ‘Glitch’ by Kwon Eunbi

Kwon Eunbi’s “Glitch” contains an intense pre-chorus build-up. The song further amazes listeners by tuning on an anti-drop with its heart-stomping chorus!

Which K-pop songs on the list are your favorites? Do you know any other K-pop releases with “anti-drop” choruses? Let us know in the comments below!

**] Riely Miller