12 ‘Easy Listening’ K-pop Songs Perfect For Unwinding: ‘Magnetic,’ ‘Super Shy,’ ‘Better Things,’ More!

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K-pop has produced countless tracks that cater to each mood and vibe. While the genre is initially known for its energetic sound, it has spawned tracks that thread into multiple genres, which diversified its identity to a more versatile direction.

However, some may simply want to chill with songs that are “easy listening.” There are a lot of easy-listening songs released in the past, but this particular sound trend has encountered a surge in the fourth and fifth generations.

When people say or hear the words “easy listening,” they refer to songs that are effortlessly straightforward in their melody and ambition without an overdone production. In most times, these easy-listening songs are catchy, airy, and relaxing for listeners.

Featuring 12 ‘easy listening’ K-pop songs that are perfect for unwinding!

1.    ‘Magnetic’ by ILLIT


ILLIT is one of the most anticipated debuts of 2024, and their playful title track “Magnetic” is a great introduction to the K-pop scene.

2.    ‘Super Shy’ by NewJeans


“Super Shy” didn’t just become a great addition to NewJeans’ funky discography, but also cemented their signature sound for future comebacks.

3.    ‘Better Things’ by aespa


“Better Things” is a must-listen when you just want to relax on a tropical island!



LE SSERAFIM is known for their minimalist concept and the group has thrilled listeners with songs that capture their self-confidence such as “FEARLESS,” “ANTIFRAGILE” and “UNFORGIVEN.”

However, their newest title track “EASY” simply showcased more of the group’s swag, and the results are undeniably groovy!

5.    ‘Cool With You’ by NewJeans


NewJeans’ “Cool With You” is a wispy bop that eases the stressful mind.

6.    ‘In Bloom’ by ZEROBASEONE


Songs can also be both easy listening and bright and this makes ZEROBASEONE’s youthful “In Bloom” a worthy inclusion on this list.

7.    ‘Palette’ by IU (feat. G-Dragon)


IU’s light vocals are heavily present in her 2017 hit “Palette.”

8.    ‘Higher’ by FIFTY FIFTY


FIFTY FIFTY’s “Higher” deserves more recognition due to its feathery composition and uplifting aura.



STAYC’s “STEREOTYPE” offers a bouncy instrumental and a rich melody, making it a fan favorite in the fourth-gen.

10.  ‘LO$ER=LO♡ER’ by TXT


TXT’s “LO$ER=LO♡ER” is a liberating masterpiece that will forever be iconic in the K-pop community!

11.  ‘I wonder…’ by BTS J-Hope (feat. Jungkook)


Released on March 29, J-hope’s B-side “I wonder…” is a mellow and flowy track that soothes the ears and soul.

12.  ‘Make It Right’ by BTS (feat. Lauv)


“Make It Right” is a nice, heartwarming throwback to the year 2019. The song is considered easy listening due to its comforting lyrics and sentimental music that captivated a sound trend of an era.

Which K-pop songs on the list are your favorites? Do you have any other songs in mind that you would like to add? Let us know in the comments below!

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