12 EXO Songs To Listen To As We Celebrate the Group’s Anniversary: ‘Peter Pan,’ ‘Cream Soda,’ More!

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Happy EXO Day! To commemorate the group giving EXO-Ls both happiness and comfort for 12 years, here are songs that played significant roles in binding both the group and fandom!

1. ‘Growl’

Amid criticism of the group being a “flop” compared to its seniors TVXQ, Super Junior, and SHINee, mega-hit “Growl,” released in 2013, changed the group’s path forever as this became their breakthrough song.

2. ‘Black Pearl’

A song from their 1st album “XOXO,” “Black Pearl” became one of Eris’ favorite b-sides not only because of its progressive sound that highlights EXO’s vocals, but because of its lyrics that touch the topic of embracing natural beauty!

3. ‘Peter Pan’


Since the beginning of EXO and EXO-Ls journey, “Peter Pan” has always been a testimony of the group’s eternal love for Eris, and the latter’s undying support for EXO.

4. ‘Promise’

5. ‘Love Me Right’

Recommended by Chanyeol, this song will truly remind you of EXO’s freshness!

6. ‘Love Shot’


Creating a global dance craze and breaking multiple records, “Love Shot” is one of EXO’s songs that made even non-K-pop fans dance to it!

7. ‘Playboy’

Probably one of their most sensual tracks, “Playboy” showed the transition of EXO from their bright concept to a mature, sexy image!

Fun fact: This song was gifted by the late SHINee Jonghyun to EXO, who is also celebrating his birthday today!

8. ‘Cosmic Railway’

Among non-Korean songs performed by EXO, “Cosmic Railway” remains one of fans’ favorites for its nostalgic and dreamy sound that will let you appreciate all of the vocals of the members.

9. ‘Ko Ko Bop’

While EXO is known for their top-tier vocals, the group is also comprised of members who are impressive performers.

With this song, the members undoubtedly served oozing charisma and coolness that remained iconic even to the newer fans!

Can you remember the legendary challenge birthed through this song?

10. ‘Tempo’

Also known as the “Bohemian Rhapsody” of K-pop, “Tempo” is truly one of EXO’s masterpieces and you just have to listen to it to believe it!

11. ‘Cream Soda’

As they opened their “adult” era, EXO also decided to have a music shift by introducing “Cream Soda.”

Originally, the song depicts the feeling of falling in love like a soft and sweet drink, but hearing the “Rated R” innuendos of the song surely mean another thing. (*wink*)

12. ‘MAMA’

While not everyone appreciates this song — from its MV, choreography and vocals — “MAMA” will always be an iconic debut piece!