15+ Most Influential K-pop Idols at Autumn-Winter 2024 Paris Fashion Week

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Influencer marketing platform Lefty has officially announced its list containing the “Top 30 Influencers Across Autumn/Winter 24 Fashion Weeks.” The rankings were made up of a star-studded attendance from celebrities around the world.

In the rankings, several K-pop idols have landed spots. The organization determined the results by analyzing Earned Media Value (EMV), which measures the value and online visibility of the attendees.

Here are the Top 17 influential K-pop idols who made it on the list!

1.    BLACKPINK Rosé (YSL) – No. 1

Rosé made it on the top at No. 1 as an ambassador for YSL.

2.    BLACKPINK Jisoo (DIOR) – No. 2

Jisoo followed closely on No. 2.

3.    SEVENTEEN Mingyu (DIOR) – No. 3

The top three was rounded up by Mingyu of SEVENTEEN.

4.    TWICE Momo (Miu Miu) – No. 5

In the original list, Momo made it in fifth place as an ambassador for Miu Miu. The main dancer of TWICE trended immediately on social media for her appearance, alongside her styling and updates at the event.

5.    NCT – Doyoung (Dolce & Gabbana), Jungwoo (Tod’s), Jeno (Ferragamo), Johnny (Acne Studio), Ten (YSL) – No. 6

The sixth place was collectively claimed by five NCT members, namely Doyoung, Jungwoo, Jeno, Johnny, and Johnny.

6.    BLACKPINK Jennie (Chanel) – No. 8

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7.    Stray Kids Seungmin (LOEWE) – No. 10

8.    aespa Giselle (LOEWE) – No. 11

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9.    Stray Kids Felix (Louis Vuitton) – No. 12

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10.  IVE Jang Wonyoung (Miu Miu) – No. 13

11.  Stray Kids Hyunjin (Versace) – No. 14

12.  Red Velvet Joy (Tod’s) – No. 15

13.  BLACKPINK Lisa (Louis Vuitton) – No. 16

14.  NCT Jeno (Ferragamo) – No. 22

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15.  THE BOYZ Juyeon (Balenciaga) – No. 28

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