15 Reigning Songs of IU That Celebrates Her Music Artistry

IU’s genuine warmth and sincerity naturally shine through her music.

As one of South Korea’s top artists, IU has enjoyed the fruits of her hard work, creating stunning music and sharing it with her devoted fans. After releasing chart-topping songs, selling out concert tours, and winning various music awards, she continues to improve her craft and expand her artistry by taking on remarkable acting roles.

Let’s look back on IU’s career-defining songs that not only propelled her to stardom but also showcased her boundless talent and musical artistry.

1. Lost Child (2008)

Debuting in 2007 with the stage name IU, Lee Ji Eun introduced herself with “Lost Child,” a sentimental ballad from her first mini-album Lost and Found. At 15, IU conveyed an anguished plea for a lost love, showcasing the emotional depth and unique quality of her voice that she would continue to develop.

2. Marshmallow (2009)

Continuing her pursuit of becoming a singer, IU released “Marshmallow,” a cheerful tune that fit her age perfectly and featured rapper Zico. This song marked her niche in lively, youthful music, setting the stage for her rise to stardom.

3. Good Day (2010)

In 2010, IU’s EP Real brought her unprecedented popularity with the single “Good Day.” Known for its three high notes and upbeat tempo, the song became her breakout hit, peaking at number two on the Gaon Music Charts and earning her numerous awards.

4. You and I (2011)

Following her success in 2010, IU released her second studio album Last Fantasy, featuring the hit single “You and I.” This song became her first Billboard K-Pop Hot 100 single and won her Best Female Artist at the 14th Mnet Asian Music Awards.

5. Peach (2012)

IU showcased her creativity with “Peach,” an acoustic track that conveyed the overwhelming attraction of young love. It was a significant departure from her earlier bubblegum pop, highlighting her evolution as a singer-songwriter.

6. Red Shoes (2013)

With her third full-length album Modern Times, IU embraced a jazz and big band sound in “Red Shoes.” The intricate arrangement and IU’s vocal versatility showcased her ability to adapt to different genres.

7. The Meaning of You (2014)

In 2014, IU released A Flower Bookmark, a cover album of popular K-Pop songs from the 80s and 90s. Her duet with Kim Chang Wan on “The Meaning of You” enjoyed immense success and highlighted her respect for K-Pop icons who influenced her musical journey.

8. Twenty Three (2015)

IU’s first self-produced album, Chat-Shire, featured “Twenty Three,” a candid look into her thoughts as she transitioned into adulthood. The disco-infused track marked her bold move to experiment with new styles and honest storytelling.

9. Through the Night (2017)

One of 2017’s definitive K-Pop releases, “Through the Night,” showcased IU’s prowess as a songwriter. The heartfelt ballad, driven by her emotional vocals and a simple guitar melody, became a poignant favorite among fans.

10. Palette (2017)

Featuring G-Dragon, “Palette” reflects IU’s confidence and self-discovery as she embraced her true self. The track’s introspective lyrics and rhythmic beat earned it a spot in The New York Times’ list of notable songs, further cementing her status in the music industry.

11. Autumn Morning (2017)

“Autumn Morning,” released to celebrate IU’s 9th anniversary, perfectly captures the nostalgic and reflective mood of the season. The lyrics and serene melody evoke the quiet beauty of autumn mornings.

12. BBIBBI (2018)

Addressing themes of personal boundaries and self-empowerment, “BBIBBI” combines pop and R&B with a catchy melody and minimalist beat. The song’s bold message resonated widely, highlighting IU’s growing maturity as an artist.

13. Love Poem (2019)

The title track of her 2019 EP, “Love Poem,” is a heartfelt ballad that conveys themes of comfort, support, and hope. Its soothing melody and touching lyrics emphasize IU’s ability to create music that deeply resonates with listeners.

14. Eight (2020)

Featuring Suga of BTS, “Eight” explores nostalgia and the bittersweet feelings of looking back on past relationships. The song’s reflective lyrics and catchy tune struck a chord with many, showcasing IU’s continuing relevance.

15. Blueming (2021)

“Blueming” is an upbeat song celebrating the excitement of new love in the digital age. Its joyful energy and catchy melody highlight IU’s ability to capture contemporary themes and emotions in her music.

IU’s extensive catalog of remarkable songs has solidified her as an irreplaceable K-Pop artist. She continues to inspire with her warmth and unwavering dedication to her craft.

Fans can look forward to experiencing her talent live at the 2024 IU HEREH Concert in Manila on June 1, promising an evening of sweet tunes and stunning performances.


Photos: EDAM Entertainment