15 ‘Underrated’ K-pop Songs That Deserve More Attention: ‘Midnight,’ ‘DALALA,’ ‘Undo,’ More!

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K-pop’s prominence has reached a global level, given how many hit songs have been released and the continuous debut of K-pop acts. As its popularity is consistently maintaining a boiling point, some “underrated” K-pop gems tend to be buried under the tracks.

Here are 15 ‘underrated’ K-pop songs that deserve more spotlight!

1.    ‘Midnight’ by Chancellor


It’s indeed a crime how the stunning and musically rich “Midnight” from Chancellor isn’t one of the most viewed K-pop MVs on YouTube. If you haven’t heard the song, click play above!

2.    ‘DALALA’ by Yuju


Yuju is known for her golden vocals, but when the singer dropped her newest song “DALALA,” the song managed to showcase her singing, dancing, and ability to entice audiences with her charisma, which are all essential components of a soloist.

When it comes to the flair department, Yuju has shown most of her star power in this release, which is undoubtedly one of 2023’s overlooked bops.

3.    ‘Undo’ by Heize


Heize’s hazy and alluring track “Undo” deserves more views due to its arrangement, sound direction, and the soloist’s amazing vocals.

4.    ‘What Do I Call You” by Girls’ Generation Taeyeon


Released on December 15, 2020, the music video for Taeyeon’s “What Do I Call You” is currently garnering over 16 million views on YouTube, and it definitely deserves more attention. The song is produced wholeheartedly, and its assertiveness is carried by Taeyeon’s impeccable performance.



STAYC’s “BEAUTIFUL MONSTER” trended in 2022 for garnering divisive reactions from the K-pop community. However, the song is undoubtedly one of the most melody-rich tracks thanks to STAYC’s vocals, alongside its acoustic instrumental and bouncy structure.

6.    ‘Dream of You’ by Chungha


Soloists need to be triple threats, and that is exactly who Chungha is. Revered for her dance skills, impressive vocals, and “mother” energy, Chungha stunned everyone by releasing the spotlight-stealing “Dream of You,” which deserves more recognition!

7.    ‘Underwater’ by Kwon Eunbi


Kwon Eunbi’s “Underwater” subverts into tropical territory across the music scene with “Underwater,” which contrasts the genre’s consistent frosty releases.

Accompanied by a clear melody, ear-catching instrumentals, and a big chorus, Eunbi’s “Underwater” certainly deserves more attention from the K-pop community.

8.    ‘Secret’ by WJSN


Majestic, upbeat, emotional, and full of melody, WJSN’s 2016 song “Secret” is a must-listen!



Far from their cosmic theme, WJSN’s fast-paced “UNNATURAL” showcased a more mature take on the group’s concept and sound direction. However, 16 million views aren’t enough for a comeback that exudes bop quality music, amazing choreo, and excellent production.

10.  ‘TOUCHIN” by Kang Daniel


Kang Daniel released his first digital single “TOUCHIN'” on November 25, 2019. But the music video still hasn’t reached the 10 million mark, and most can agree that this song, is without a doubt, worthy of praise due to its sophisticated groove.

See some special mentions below:

11.  ‘Apple’ by GFRIEND


12.  ‘FOCUS ON ME’ by Jus2


13.  ‘I Wish’ by SEVENTEEN


14.  ‘ROSE’ by (G)I-DLE Miyeon


15.  ‘Love U’ by Chungha


Do you know any other K-pop songs that are underrated? What are your favorite tracks on the list? Let us know in the comments below!

**] Riely Miller