20 Best K-pop Songs Released In May 2024: ‘Supernova,’ ‘HEYA,’ ‘How Sweet,’ More!

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May has finally wrapped up its course, but fans were absolutely well-fed with the K-pop releases during the month!

Here are the 20 best K-pop releases in May 2024!

1.    ‘Supernova’ by aespa

“Supernova” was released on May 13, and it serves as the pre-release track from aespa’s first-ever full album “Armageddon.” The song became a hit across the K-pop community since it also dominated multiple music charts. It was also praised by netizens, who commended aespa for sticking with their own musical identity.

2.    ‘HEYA’ by IVE

On April 29, IVE finally released their second mini album “IVE SWITH” and the MV for its title track, “HEYA.” Moreover, the album also contained the separate title track “Accendio,”

3.    ‘How Sweet’ by NewJeans

After pre-releasing “Bubble Gum” on April 27, NewJeans followed up the title track “How Sweet” on May 24. Immediately after its release, “How Sweet” was immediately praised by K-pop fans due to its musicality, choreography, and NewJeans’ performance.

4.    ‘Armageddon’ by aespa

5.    ‘Q&A’ by HyunA

6.    ‘XXL’ by YOUNG POSSE

7.    ‘warmth’ by Lim Young Woong

8.    ‘Popcorn’ by EXO D.O


9.    ‘Nectar’ by KARD B.M (feat. Jay Park)

10.  ‘Girls Never Die’ by tripleS

11.  ‘Straight Line’ by Kep1er


12.  ‘Algorhythm’ by ITZY


14.  ‘LOST!’ by BTS RM

15.  ‘200’ by NCT Mark

16.  ‘Cheese’ by EXO Suho (feat. Wendy of Red Velvet)

17.  ‘Tasty’ by B.I



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20.  ‘Work’ by ATEEZ

Which K-pop songs on the list are your favorite tracks? Let us know in the comments below!