20 K-pop Songs to Unlock Your Inner Villain: ‘Scream,’ ‘Top or Cliff,’ ‘Monster,’ MORE!

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K-pop is known for imbuing various emotions, as all other music genres do. Sometimes, the songs we listen in K-pop can evoke darker themes, which can make you feel villainous.

Here are 20 best K-pop songs to unlock your inner villain!

1.    ‘Scream’ by Dreamcatcher


Dreamcatcher’s “Scream” is a recommended choice to listen to when you want to go villain mode. With the song’s heavy metal rock genre, layered choir sequences, and the group’s vocals, this song is a must-add.



Unforgiven, I’m a villain,” the song utters and it’s everything one can ever hope for when feeling rebellious.

3.    ‘Monster’ by EXO


EXO’s classic hit “Monster” pierces through the mood with its villainous vibe, which exudes a dominating aura.

4.    ‘Monster’ by Red Velvet IRENE & SEULGI


IRENE & SEULGI’s debut song “Monster” was one of 2020’s highlights in K-pop, as it captures an aura that screams “seductive” and “alluring.”

5.    ‘Oh my god’ by (G)I-DLE


(G)I-DLE’s prickly, atmospheric title track “Oh my god” is one of those tracks that looms in your mind after listening.

6.    ‘Bonnie & Clyde’ by (G)I-DLE Yuqi


“Bonnie & Clyde” perfectly captivates the “us against the world” feeling through its lyrics, context, and Yuqi’s powerful vocals!

7.    ‘ARSON’ by BTS J-Hope


“ARSON” showcases the best of J-Hope’s dark artistic side and is the perfect definition of “creatively unhinged.”

8.    ‘CRY FOR ME’ by TWICE


TWICE’s “CRY FOR ME” is also one of 2020’s most iconic songs. The track traverses through sequences that emit supremacy in its strings, tempo, and TWICE’s haunting performance.

9.    ‘Top or Cliff’ by Kim Sejeong


Seductive, passionate, and profound, Kim Sejeong’s “Top of Cliff” will always remind you that you’re in control no matter how chaotic it gets.

10.  ‘Guilty’ by SHINee Taemin


Taemin’s newest title track “Guilty” entices listeners with its slow tempo, string instrumental, alongside Taemin’s impressive vocals and powerful choreography.

11.  ’28 Reasons’ by Red Velvet Seulgi


Seulgi has proven her status as one of K-pop’s aces through her ominous title track “28 Reasons.”

12.  ‘Drama’ by aespa


Released on November 10, 2023, aespa’s anthemic track “Drama” can definitely bring out your fearless side!

See the remaining ones below:

13.  ‘BOOM’ by NMIXX


14.  ‘Haegeum’ by BTS Suga / Agust D


15.  ‘Cold as Hell’ by Girls’ Generation Taeyeon


16.  ‘Good Boy Gone Bad’ by TOMORROW X TOGETHER


17.  ‘VILLAIN’ by AleXa


18.  ‘MANIAC’ by Stray Kids


19.  ‘TAIL’ by SUNMI


20.  ‘BORN TO BE’ by ITZY


Which K-pop songs on the list are your favorites? Do you know any other K-pop songs that give villain vibes? Let us know in the comments below!

**] Riely Miller