2024 JTBC Drama Lineup: “Doctor Slump”, “Hyde”, “I’m Not A Hero” & More

Having an eventful year, JTBC aims to continue its amazing drama run in 2024 with confirmed series’ lineup coming up!

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This year, JTBC was active in re-establishing its identity as a drama with popular stories with a fresh and sophisticated vibe.

Including Doctor Cha, which recorded the highest viewership rating of 19.4%, Agency (17.3%), King the Land (14.5%), The Good Bad Mother (13.6%), and Strong Girl Nam Soon (11.1%); JTBC became a drama box office hit haven and regained its position as a drama masterpiece maker.

JTBC’s latest drama Welcome to Samdal-ri, which began airing for the first time last week, also recorded a viewership rating of 5.6%, continuing its momentum with an upward trend after only two episodes.

JTBC plans to provide a variety of entertainment to viewers in 2024 by continuously programming dramas that the public ‘wants to see’. Expectations are high for the new drama lineup in 2024, which will continue the success of JTBC dramas.

Doctor Slump

  • Director: Oh Hyeon-jong, Screenplay: Baek Seon-woo,
  • Cast: Park Hyung Sik | Park Shin Hye | Yoon Park | Kong Sung Ha, etc.

A romantic comedy series depicting the ruined lives of doctors who fall into the biggest slump of their lives for their reasons, including a 10 billion dollar lawsuit, burnout, and cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Park Hyung Sik plays the role of Yeo Yeong-woo, a star plastic surgeon who falls into the worst slump of his life, and actress Park Shin Hye plays Nam Ha-neul, an anesthesiologist suffering from burnout syndrome.

Hyde (Coupang Play Series)

  • Directed by: Dong-Hwi Kim, Written by: Hee-Soo Lee, Ah-Yul Choi, Yu-Jeong Hwang
  • Cast: Lee Bo Young | Lee Mu Saeng | Lee Chung Ah, Lee Min Jae

The story of a woman who, after her husband disappears one day, tracks down the secrets surrounding his disappearance and faces a big truth that is difficult to bear.

Lee Bo Young portrays Na Moon-young, a wife chasing her disappeared husband, and actor Lee Mu Saeng plays Cha Seong-jae, Na Moon-young’s husband and a man who disappeared without warning. Actress Lee Chung Ha suits up as Ha Yeon-ju, Moon-young’s friendly neighbor, and Lee Min Jae plays the role of Do Jin-woo, a mysterious man who holds the key to the secret.

Coupang Play Hyde

I’m Not A Hero (LT)

  • Directed by: Hyun-tak Jo, Written by: Hwa-mi Joo, Written by Creators: Line & Eun-kyung Kang
  • Cast: Jang Ki Yong, Chun Woo Hee, Go Doo Shim, Su Hyun

The series tells the story of a man with extraordinary abilities who struggles with depression. Then, he meets a woman who gets entangled like fate, and his life changes.

She Is Different From Day and Night (LT)

  • Screenplay: Park Ji-ha, Director: Lee Hyeong-min
  • Cast: Lee Jung Eun | Jung Eun Ji | Choi Jin Hyuk

An unusual internship and a bittersweet romantic comedy about a job seeker who is suddenly trapped in old age one day with a talented prosecutor who is caught up in her all day and night.

Actors Lee Jung Eun and Jung Eunji were selected to play Lee Mi-jin, an unlucky job seeker in her 20s who turns into a senior intern in her 50s when the sun suddenly rises one day. Choi Jin-hyuk plays Gye Ji-woong, a cold-blooded prosecutor who becomes entangled day and night with both Mijin in her 20s and 50s.

Mrs. Ok

  • Director: Jin Hyuk, Writer: Park Ji-sook
  • Cast: Lim Ji Yeon | Choo Young Woo

Mrs. Ok (LT) traces the fierce survival of a woman whose name, identity, and husband are all fake, and an entertainer who risked his life to protect her.

This new series is a collaboration between director Jin Hyuk of the dramas Sisyphus The Myth, Legend of the Blue Sea, and The Master’s Sun and writer Park Ji-sook, who has drawn pleasant and warm stories with Uncle and My Spring Days.

mrs. Ok

I Will Go Until The End

  • Screenplay: Jeong Hee-seon, Director: Park Jin-seok
  • Cast: Lee Ji Ah | Kang Ki Young

I Will Go Until the End is billed as the story of a “bad spouse” punishment solution service company aiming to put an end to a troubled marriage life raised by a client.

First, Lee Ji Ah plays the role of Kim Sara, the team leader of the divorce settlement company Solution. Sara, a former daughter-in-law of Korea’s top law firm, loses her everything overnight after being stabbed in the back by her husband.

Kang Ki Young plays the role of Dong Ki-joon, Sara’s business partner and an advisory lawyer in Solution. Ki-joon is a person who boasts extraordinary tenacity and tact to the point where he was nicknamed ‘shepherd” during his time as a prosecutor.

I Will Go Until the End

No Secrets

  • Directed by: Jang Ji-yeon, Screenplay: Choi Kyeong-seon
  • Cast: Go Kyung Pyo | Kang Han Na | Joo Jong Hyuk

No Secrets is billed as an outrageous life-reversal comic melodrama about an announcer who suddenly can’t screen his thoughts meeting a passionate entertainment show writer.

The series explores the stories of freelance analysts who compete fiercely amidst the boundary between celebrities and ordinary people while aspiring for the success of their dreams.

No Secrets

Woman Who Plays (LT)

  • Screenplay: Na Kyung, Director: Kim Young-hwan
  • Cast: Uhm Tae Goo | Han Sun Hwa

A thrilling and unexpected romance between big brother Ji-hwan (Eom Tae-gu), who has come to terms with his dark past, and Mina’s older sister Eun-ha (Han Seon-hwa), who plays with the children

JTBC Drama 2024

Prefabricated family (LT)

  • Screenplay: Hong Si-young, Director: Kim Seung-ho
  • Actors: Hwang In Youp | Jung Chaeyeon, Bae Hyun Sung

It is a youth romance that unfolds when three men and a woman, who are not related by blood but were family as teenagers, meet again after 10 years. It is Korean adaptation of Chinese series, Go Ahead.

JTBC Drama 2024

Source: JTBC News