2NE1 Dara Recalls Almost Joining SM, Visualizes Debuting in Girls’ Generation

In an interview, 2NE1 Dara revealed that she would join SM Entertainment if she could go back to before she debuted instead of YG. What would have changed if she became a member of Girls’ Generation instead?

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On March 8, the 2nd-gen K-pop idol Sandara Park met the OG K-pop icon S.E.S Bada through the YouTube talk show, “A precious person in such a precious place.”

On this day, the two members from the pillar groups of the music scene back then reminisced about their heydays and talked about various things related to their idol careers.

Dara Confesses She Would Choose SM Over YG If She Could Go Back Before Debut, Joining Girls’ Generation

Sandara Park
Sandara Park
(Photo : instagram)

During their talk, Dara drew attention to her answer when Bada asked her:

“If you could go back to before you debuted, which agency would you want to start again?”

Dara delivered an unexpected reply, saying:

“Thinking back then, before I debuted, I think I fit in very well with SM Entertainment. People have always said to me, ‘Your visuals also give off SM vibes.”

Girls Generation FOREVER 1
(Photo : Facebook: Girls Generation)
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(Photo : Dara (Instagram))

With this, the star then revealed what could have changed if she ended up joining SNSD instead of 2NE1, adding:

“In fact, I wouldn’t have been able to do a (refreshing concept) if I had entered Girls’ Generation.

I’m not a person who can do that, but I sometimes wonder if I had just kept it all hidden and done that instead, I would have had a lot more male fans and been more popular.”

Dara, Bada
(Photo : Dara, Bada (Star News))

Hearing this, Bada showed a lot of affection and support to Dara and replied:

“As a person who has a soul stake in SM by working hard in the past, I really want to welcome Sandara Park (in SM) if I could go back to the past.

If Sandara Park had come to SM at that time, SM would have made another history.”

They imagined if a new visual genealogy of SM could have been made, aside from the current existing visual lines under the label.

Sandara Park Shows Undying Love for 2NE1, BlackJacks

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(Photo : 2NE1 (Kpopping))

Regardless of these thoughts, Dara felt no regret that she debuted under 2NE1 in 2009 along with CL, Park Bom and Minzy.

After their debut, they made numerous hits including “I Am The Best,” “Fire,” “Lonely” and more, until they abruptly disbanded in 2016.

Since then, the four members pursued solo careers, with Dara releasing her digital mini-album, “SANDARA PARK” in July last year, her first solo album in South Korea.

Despite individual endeavors, 2NE1 would often gather together each year, even performing at Coachella 2022 as a full group.

Amid all of that, their loyal BlackJacks (fans) supported them wholeheartedly as well.

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With this, Dara said:

“I cried so much last year because I was touched. It’s my first solo album in almost seven years since 2NE1 was disbanded, and it’s been such a long time since I’ve been on a public broadcast. I was crying while recording. All the fans were crying.

They took out their light sticks for the first time in a long time. Some of them couldn’t have it because they couldn’t get a new light stick because it was discontinued. The difference between a solo and a group is loneliness.”