2PM Taecyeon Opens Up About the Unexpected Requests That Changed His Idol Image

2PM luminary and actor, Ok Taecyeon, recently delved into a captivating episode that sheds light on his journey of embracing a more ‘cute’ persona.

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On the 16th, Baek Ji-young’s official YouTube channel, ‘Baek Z Young,’ unveiled an intimate behind-the-scenes video featuring the dynamic duo, Baek Ji-young and Ok Taecyeon, who had previously collaborated on the enchanting project, ‘Candy in My Ears.’

Ok Taecyeon’s Candid Revelation: From Fan Meeting Discomfort to Pandemic-Induced Transformations

The revelation came during a candid discussion where Taecyeon offered insights into the dynamics of fan meetings.

2PM Taecyeon

(Photo : Instagram)
2PM Taecyeon

He candidly admitted that at times, fervent fans request actions typically associated with younger idols. Reflecting on this, Taecyeon shared, “In my earlier years, the gestures were straightforward, but suddenly there were requests for bear hearts and ball hearts. I genuinely disliked engaging in such activities.”

However, the narrative took a surprising turn when Taecyeon disclosed a transformative experience that occurred in the wake of 2PM’s album release amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

He elaborated on the transition of fan signing events to non-face-to-face video calls, a necessary adaptation in the face of safety concerns.

Taecyeon’s Unexpected Pivot: Fan’s Paid Plea Sparks Profound Transformation in Idol’s Interaction Style

During this virtual shift, fans, eager for a more personalized interaction, began making specific requests.

2PM Taecyeon

(Photo : Instagram)

Initially hesitant, Taecyeon candidly confessed, “I said I couldn’t do it, but one fan said, ‘Oppa, this is a paid service.'” This revelation served as a catalyst, prompting him to reconsider his stance.

“I can’t believe how much money he spent on me,” Taecyeon admitted, showcasing a newfound willingness to create various hearts upon fan requests.

2PM Taecyeon

(Photo : Youtube)

This change in attitude not only surprised fans but also earned him praise from Baek Ji-young, who remarked, “I’ve learned a lot. I never do anything I don’t like.”

Fans Applaud Professionalism Amid Controversy, Others Compare to Preconceived Notions in Idol Fandom

The online community chimed in with diverse reactions. Some lauded Taecyeon’s professionalism in swiftly addressing the situation, considering the potential for controversy over his attitude.


Others drew parallels with stories of fans attending events with preconceived notions, creating a rich tapestry of online discourse.

Meanwhile, beyond his ventures into the realm of fan interactions, Ok Taecyeon, who made his debut as a 2PM member in 2008, recently bid farewell to his role as Shin Do-sik in KBS2’s ‘Heart Beating,’ bringing yet another chapter of his versatile career to a close in August.