2PM Taecyeon’s Amazing Fanservice Skills Leave Hottests Wanting for More: ‘He’s a pro idol’

Taecyeon has impressed fans with his amazing fanservice skills, which were caught on camera and spread across the internet.

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2PM Taecyeon’s Next Level Fanservice Skills Sends Hottests Into Frenzy

The “Heartbeat” singer is gaining attention online for his fanservice skills!

2PM Taecyeon's Amazing Fanservice Skills Leave Hottests Wanting for More: 'He's a pro idol'

(Photo : Instagram: @taecyeonokay)

On September 17, netizens talked about Taecyeon’s activities. According to the post, the author uploaded a clip and showed Taecyeon during his “SpecialTY” fanmeeting.

Every fan knows how there are going to be gimmicks such as Hi-Touch or Hi-Bye events during fanmeetings, where they would get an opportunity to interact with their favorite idols. Although brief, it’s more than enough to be a memorable experience.

2PM Taecyeon's Amazing Fanservice Skills Leave Hottests Wanting for More: 'He's a pro idol'

(Photo : pannchoa)

While many idols can handle these events efficiently, Taecyeon’s veteran experience in the K-pop industry was also evident in the video and became one of its highlights.

During Taecyeon’s meetup with Hottests, fans were lined up to greet him as much as they could and despite the fast-paced line, the idol didn’t break a sweat in reciprocating their greetings! It was also shown that Taecyeon had exerted effort in imitating their gestures with no difficulty.

Watch the full clip below:

Fans were undoubtedly stunned, leading them to express their shock with Taecyeon’s extraordinary energy. Hottests pointed out how much Taecyeon treats his fans genuinely and even mentioned him as a professional in his field of work.

Read their comments below:

  •  “Wow, this is so impressive.”
  •  “Taecyeon does treat the fans nicely.”
  •  “He’s even following all the gestures coming from the fans.”
  •  “All I can say about this is ‘amazing.'”
  •  “This is so cute. You can see that Taecyeon is really a pro idol with the way he reacted so freaking fast towards the fans.”
  •  “He was so honestly fast.”
2PM Taecyeon

(Photo : News1)

Meanwhile, they also expounded on Taecyeon’s professionalism and stated how admirable he was for giving every fan a special moment worth spending on. They also commended Taecyeon for matching the energy of Hottests, who wanted nothing more than to spend time with him.

  •  “I know some of you will make fun of him for doing it excessively, but this is professional of him.”
  •  “He’s quick, precise, and has a tailored response. Taecyeon is giving fans their money’s worth, and I totally respect that!”
  •  “I love it when artists put in extra effort to match their fans’ energy. These fan events usually require money and limited time on behalf of fans.”
  •  “This is how idols should be. If they can’t do this, then go pick another profession.”

Were you also impressed by Taecyeon’s fanservice skills? Will you attend one of his fanmeetings in the future? Let us know in the comments below!

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