3 Hilarious Reactions To ‘My Lovely Liar’ Plot Twist: ‘This is so unhinged’

The latest episode of “My Lovely Liar” answered the big question that spanned throughout the entire series, giving relief to the viewers around the world.

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However, online communities amassed hilarious reactions from the fans after a shocking plot twist was revealed in the series: Yoon Ji On’s character loves Hwang Minhyun’s Kim Do Ha.

With the rather surprising portrayal of the LGBTQ community, here are some of the most hilarious reactions among the fans of “My Lovely Liar.”

1. #FreeDoHa Movement

After the revelation, fans took to social media their surprise. One fan hilariously called out the characters in the show for being “too obsessed” with Hwang Minhyun’s Kim Do Ha.

‘My Lovely Liar’ Episode 2: Kim So Hyun Discovers Hwang Minhyun’s True Identity

(Photo : tvN Drama Official)
Yoon Ji On, Hwang Minhyun

The fan wrote that he is collecting people obsessed with him and attached the photos of Song Ji Hyun’s Choi Uhm Ji, Lee Si Woo’s Shaon and Yoon Ji On’s Jo Deuk Chan.

She also included the hashtag “#FreeDoHa,” starting a movement that sent fans into laughter.

2. The Lost Potential of Being Unhinged

While the plot twist alone surprised the viewers, some fans expressed their regrets due to the drama’s lost potential of being the South Korean version of “Joker.”

‘My Lovely Liar’ Episode 14: Hwang Minhyun Discovers Yoon Ji On’s True Colors

(Photo : tvN Drama Official) Yoon Ji On

Talk about an evil gay’s master plan of manipulation!

3. Mok Sol Hee’s New Wallet

In “My Lovely Liar” episode 14, Kim So Hyun’s Mok Sol Hee became one of the tools that helped Kim Do Ha find the truth about Choi Uhm Ji’s killer.

'My Lovely Liar' Stills

(Photo : tvN Drama Official)
Hwang Minhyun, Kim So Hyun

However, the former learned that she had lapses in her judgment, and her lie-detecting abilities had failed her one too many times.

One viewer expressed their sorrow for Mok Sol Hee. They said that they don’t know whether to be happy or sad as the change was a boon and bane for her.

To recall, detecting lies had been her source of income before but it didn’t give her a normal life. The viewer quickly retracted her statement, saying that Kim Do Ha, her love, is rich anyway.