3 K-dramas Based On Offbeat Webtoons: ‘Pyramid Game,’ ‘Daily Dose of Sunshine,’ More!

Branching out of romance K-dramas can be fun sometimes, especially when the whole ensemble becomes cliche and repetitive.

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Exploring the unconventional world of other webtoon-based works can be fun. Recently, Nana and Go Hyun Jung’s “Mask Girl” gained massive attention all around the world.

If you’re a fan of eccentric and all the interesting things, then this is for you. Check out the upcoming K-dramas based on offbeat webtoons!

‘Daily Dose of Sunshine’

Unlike her rom-com queen brand, Park Bo Young transforms into a stern psychiatric nurse in the upcoming series “Daily Dose of Sunshine.”

'Daily Dose of Sunshine' Stills

(Photo : Netflix Korea Official)
Park Bo Young

Based on the webtoon called “Morning Comes To Psychiatric Wards Too” by Lee Ra Ha, which depicts the life of a nurse dealing with the most vexing patients.

Through the work, Park Bo Young will tug at every viewer’s heartstrings and give comfort to the viewers. Don’t miss “Daily Dose of Sunshine” in November.


Idol-turned-actress Suzy channels her idol life as she transforms into a former artist who cohabitates in one roof with a college student in the forthcoming series “Doona!.”

Suzy, Yang Se Jong

(Photo : Netflix Korea Instagram)

She teams up with Yang Se Jong in the series to create a heart fluttering slice of life romance series based on the webtoon called “The Girl Downstairs” by Min Song Ah.

“Doona!” marks Suzy’s comeback after a year as well as Yang Se Jong’s first ever project since his military discharge. Catch “Doona!” on Netflix on October 20.

‘Pyramid Game’

Based on the webtoon of the same name, “Pyramid Game” is a thriller work set in a high school where students get graded through a popularity vote every month.

Pyramid Game

(Photo : TVING)

They must pass the votes to avoid being the center of school violence. Once they get a failing grade, everyone has a license to do anything to them.

WJSN Bona, who showed amazing performance in “Twenty Five, Twenty One” in 2022, plays the lead character Sung Su Ji who becomes the target of the game as soon as she transfers.


(Photo : King Kong by Starship Official)

To turn the tables, she pushes herself to become the leader of the resistance, breaking the absurd game of popularity and power abuse.

It also stars rookie actresses Jang Da Ah, Ryu Da In, Jung Ha Dam, Shin Seul Gi and more, and it’s expected to be released in early 2024.

Elijah Mully.