3 K-Dramas If You Can’t Get Enough of ‘The Killing Vote’

Viewers are hooked on every thrilling episode of “The Killing Vote” as the webtoon-based K-drama depicts the story of a masked man, known as Gaetal, who puts justice in his own hands.

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The Killing Vote

(Photo : SBS)

Headlined by Lim Ji Yeon, Park Hae Jin, and Park Sung Woong, the trio gets caught up in the mind-boggling activity of Gaetal as he punishes perpetrators who once managed to get away with their crimes.

Airing every Thursday on SBS, wavve, and Prime Video, “The Killing Vote” captures the attention of viewers with its intriguing storyline as it raises the question of who Gaetal is.

If you found yourself getting hooked on this type of K-drama, here are 3 similar K-dramas that you could binge-watch over the weekend.

‘Taxi Driver’

Taxi Driver Still (1)

(Photo : SBS’ Official Instagram)

Starring Lee Je Hoon as Kim Do Ki, he used to be a military officer but had to quit his job after his mother’s brutal death in the hands of a serial killer.

Due to this, he was recruited by the Blue Bird Foundation and Rainbow Taxi Group CEO Jang Sung Chul to be part of their secret organization.

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Their mission is to avenge victims that the law failed to protect. Due to its successful season, “Taxi Driver” returned with a sequel in 2023.

“Taxi Driver” is available on Prime Video and Netflix for global viewers.

‘Flower of Evil’

tvN’s “Flower of Evil”

(Photo : tvN) Flower of Evil

Premiered in 2020, “Flower of Evil” starred Lee Joon Gi as the anti-hero Baek Hee Sung, who hides his true identity even from his wife, Cha Ji Won, a homicide detective, played by Moon Chae Won.

She gets suspicious after noticing the change in Hee Sung’s behavior following her new task to investigate a string of serial murders from 15 years ago.

Cha Ji Won was shocked to discover the surprising revelation about her husband.

The 16-episode “Flower of Evil” is still available on Netflix and Viki.

‘The Devil Judge’

The Devil Judge

(Photo : tvN’s Official Instagram)

One of the most talked-about K-dramas in 2021, “The Devil Judge” showcased a new justice system after people lost their faith and trust to the government.

The story revolves around the Head Trial Judge named Kang Yo Han, played by Ji Sung, who is nicknamed “The Devil Judge” because of his merciless way of rulings. Because of this trait, he is deemed hero by the public.

However, the question here is if Kang Yo Han is a true hero or if the evil dresses as a judge.

Besides Ji Sung, “The Devil Judge” cast includes Kim Min Jung, Park Jin Young, and Park Gyu Young.

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