3 Years In Remembrance Of ‘The Nation’s Father’ Song Jae-ho

It’s been 3 years since actor Song Jae-ho passed away

Today (November 7th) is the third death anniversary of the late actor Song Jae-ho. The actor died of chronic illness on November 7th, 2020 at the age of 83.

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Song Jae-ho

The late actor Song Jae-ho had been fighting against his disease for a long time. However, as his heath deteriorated, the actor eventually passed away. The news of his sudden death left the public and the entire entertainment industry in great shock and regret.

It was because Song Jae-ho was considered “The Nation’s Father” among the public. Making his debut as a voice actor at KBS Busan in 1959, the late actor starred in numerous works, such as “Comrades”, “The Foundation of the Kingdom”, “Tale of Chunhyang”, “Tears of the Dragon”, “Beautiful My Lady”, “Jang Hee-bin”, “My Husband’s Woman”, “Missing You”, “The Chaser”, “Memories of Murder”, “The Suspect”, etc.

Song Jae-ho

KBS honored the late actor at the Drama Award in the same year and presented him with a Special Merit Award on December 31st, 2020.

Hosting the award ceremony, actor Park In-hwan said, “I still can’t forget his smile. He had lived a more diligent and passionate life than anyone else”. Actress Jo Yeo-jeong added, “Whenever I think of senior actor Song Jae-ho, the first thing that comes to my mind is his smile. I can’t forget his face when he smiled like a father in KBS dramas. He will always be remembered as ‘The Nation’s Father’”.

In remembrance of the late actor Song Jae-ho, the public is still paying tribute to him.

Source: Naver