30 Best K-pop Female Idol Dancers THIS 2024 According To Fans: Red Velvet Irene, Seulgi, More!

On May 31, KingChoice closed the poll for its rankings regarding the best 30 K-pop female idol dancers this 2024. The poll also rounded up its results by collecting a total of 297,411 votes from various K-pop fandoms.

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30 Best K-pop Female Idol Dancers Selected By Fans THIS 2024: Red Velvet Irene, Seulgi, More!
(Photo : Kpopping)

Here are the Top 30 K-pop female idol dancers this 2024 according to fans!

1.    Red Velvet Irene


Irene secured No. 1 after receiving a total vote count of 72,150. Red Velvet’s leader is also one of the most talented dancers in K-pop, as shown in her charismatic live performances, and captivating elegance.

Furthermore, the leader has also showcased her dancing prowess during Red Velvet’s concerts. Luvies were also taken aback by Irene’s ability to capture the mood and deliver her performance in such a grandiose and sophisticated manner.

2.    Red Velvet Seulgi



Seulgi is a versatile all-rounder in the K-pop industry due to being a triple threat, meaning, she’s skilled in singing, dancing, and rapping. According to the poll, Seulgi received 46,418 votes from fans online, highlighting her reputation as a force to be reckoned with in the K-pop scene.

The “28 Reasons” singer has also consistently generated numerous discussions and threads online due to her dance skills. Seulgi has demonstrated her abilities through dance covers, collaborations, comeback stages, challenges, and many more.

3.    ITZY Yeji



Yeji is another ace in K-pop and this is apparent in her technique and delivery. In the poll, the ITZY leader received 46,679 votes from fans. Even before her debut in ITZY in 2019, Yeji was already widely known for her dancing skills and vocal range.

The buzz regarding Yeji was so immense, that almost everyone in the K-pop community and media referred to her as JYP Entertainment’s “secret weapon.”

4.    ITZY Ryujin



Ryujin landed in No. 4 on the list after gaining 5,329 votes. The idol is continuously praised by ITZY and other K-pop fans for her performance, which is amplified by her charming energy, powerful dance moves, and commendable stage presence.

5.    2NE1 Minzy


Minzy rounded the top five after receiving a total vote count of 4,638. Fans have always regarded Minzy as one of second-gen’s best due to her precision and dynamics.

An icon who’s capable of showcasing what it means to be on the stage, Minzy has consistently served as an inspiration for both fans and aspiring idols.

6.    TWICE Mina




8.    Lee Chaeyeon





9.    Former MOMOLAND JooE








11.  aespa Karina


12.  Girls’ Generation Hyoyeon



13.  TWICE Jihyo



14.  LAPILLUS Haeun


15.  Former MOMOLAND Jane


16.  Chungha





17.  HyunA




19.  Apink Yoon Bomi


20.  Jeon Somi




22.  Sunmi



23.  MAMAMOO Hwasa


24.  VIVIZ SinB



25.  OH MY GIRL YooA


26.  BLACKPINK Jennie


27.  LOONA Yves




29.  TWICE Momo






30.  Former WJSN Cheng Xiao


Which K-pop female idol dancers on the list are your favorite performers? Let us know in the comments below!