30 K-pop Female Idols Who Are ‘Stan Attractors’ Of Their Groups: TWICE Dahyun, ITZY Ryujin, NMIXX Lily, More!

Most times, a non-fan of K-pop can get introduced to a group by liking one member. In the sea of girl groups, many female idols are considered “gateways” for a non-fan.

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Some may have stood out due to factors such as being the most popular member, their charms, visuals, talent, and overall pull on the spotlight!

Here are 30 K-pop female idols who are the ‘stan attractors’ of their groups!

1.    TWICE Dahyun

TWICE Dahyun, Nayeon Corona19 50 million won donation
(Photo : Dahyun Instagram)

Dahyun’s quirky personality and effortlessly funny moments didn’t just make her a top-tier figure in variety shows, but also an adored stan-attractor for non-fans.

2.    ITZY Ryujin

ITZY Ryujin
(Photo : Instagram: @itzy.all.in.us)

Girl crush, confident, and loose, Ryujin isn’t ITZY’s center for nothing, as she has garnered immense attention from non-fans, and large portions of both male and female K-pop stans.

3.    NMIXX Lily

NMIXX Lily Draws Attention For Recent Hairstyle Change—Here’s What People Think
(Photo : NMIXX Instagram)

Whether you’re a non-fan or a longtime K-pop stan, you may have come across Lily, the viral NMIXX member who’s never afraid to speak her mind about topics most idols won’t discuss during livestreams.

She has gained traction online due to her meme-worthy moments, positive outlook, and of course, for being one of the best vocalists in fourth-gen!

4.    Red Velvet Irene

Red Velvet Irene Named ‘Visual Queen of 2024’ + See Top 35 HERE!
(Photo : Irene Instagram)

Irene can attract a non-fan just by her gorgeous visuals and for being Red Velvet’s center!

5.    Red Velvet Joy

Red Velvet Joy Proves She's 'Fashion Queen' After Exuding 'Expensive' Aura in $60 Dress
(Photo : Joy (Ten Asia))

K-pop’s “Miss Sexy Dynamite” Joy has gained buzz among non-fans due to her kind personality, visuals, and charismatic performances.

6.    Former LOONA Chuu (Soloist)

(Photo : instagram)

During her time in LOONA, Chuu was considered by many as the group’s stan attractor due to her gummy smile and bright personality!

7.    IVE Jang Wonyoung

IVE Jang Wonyoung
(Photo : Instagram: @for_everyoung10)

Wonyoung’s traction in the K-pop scene is no joke, given her popularity during her maknae days in her former group IZ*ONE, and her status as the fourth-gen “It” girl!

8.    NewJeans Hanni

NewJeans Hanni
(Photo : Instagram: @newjeans_official)

Adorable, talented, and affectionate, Hanni has stolen hearts in the K-pop community, to the point of extending her buzz to non-fans of K-pop.

9.    Kep1er Huening Bahiyyih

Kep1er Bahiyyih
(Photo : Twitter: @official_kep1er)

Huening Bahiyyih is a certified stan-attractor due to her visuals, dance skills, and outgoing personality!

10.  MAMAMOO Hwasa

(Photo : instagram)

When Hwasa takes over the stage, all eyes are on her!

11.  STAYC J

(Photo : Facebook: STAYC)

Known for her iconic short hair during her rookie days and her unique deep voice, STAYC’s youngest member J is worth stanning!

12.  Dreamcatcher Dami

(Photo : Twitter – DREAMCATCHER)

Dami’s exceptional vocal tone, rap verses, and visuals are recognizable even for non-fans!

13.  BLACKPINK Jennie

(Photo : Instagram)

All BLACKPINK members stand out on their own, but Jennie seemingly takes the limelight for most non-fans.


BABYMONSTER Reveals Feelings on Being Compared to BLACKPINK & ILLIT
(Photo : Lisa Instagram)

As BLACKPINK’s most popular member, Lisa is a worthy inclusion on the list.

15.  LE SSERAFIM Kim Chaewon

(Photo : Instagram: @_chaechae_1)

LE SSERAFIM leader Kim Chaewon has gone viral numerous times with her performances and adorable personality, reaching the attention of non-fans of K-pop.

16.  TWICE Sana

TWICE Sana shows off her volume with bold lingerie fashion
(Photo : Sana Instagram)

17.  TWICE Tzuyu

(Photo : Instagram: @thinkaboutzu)

18.  TWICE Nayeon

TWICE Nayeon & Chaeyoung, cute ‘heart’
(Photo : Nayeon Instagram)

19.  TWICE Momo

TWICE Momo, volume body + smooth back line... sexy
(Photo : TWICE Instagram)

20.  Former IZ*ONE Sakura (LE SSERAFIM)

(Photo : Instagram)

21.  Girls’ Generation YoonA

(Photo : Instagram)

22.  Girls’ Generation Taeyeon

Taeyeon Unveils Unusual Selfie Filled with Innocent Beauty
(Photo : Taeyeon Instagram)

23.  aespa Karina

aespa Karina's 'AI' Visuals During Debut vs Now — Which One Do You Prefer?
(Photo : Instagram: @katarinabluu)

24.  STAYC Yoon

(Photo : Facebook: STAYC)

25.  MOMOLAND Yeonwoo

(Photo : Instagram: @chloelxxlxx)

26.  Kep1er Xiaoting

Kep1er Xiaoting
(Photo : Instagram: @official.kep1er)

27.  WJSN SeolA

Where is WJSN SeolA Now? Current Status of 'Secret' Singer After Renewal Under Starship
(Photo : Instagram: @seola_s)

28.  WJSN Exy

Where is WJSN Exy Now? Here's Update on Group's Main Rapper & Leader
(Photo : Instagram: @exy_s2)

29.  Billlie Tsuki

Billlie Tsuki
(Photo : Twitter: @Billlieofficial)

30.  Former GFRIEND SinB (VIVIZ)

(Photo : News1)

Which girl group members on the list introduced you to their group or K-pop as a whole? Let us know in the comments below!

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