3rd Gen Female Idol Snaps At Fan for Policing Her Clothes, Netizens Agree

On June 4, a topic titled “A fan-idol conversation that is currently drawing attention” was published on the Korean forum “Instiz”. 

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In the topic, a conversation between former LOONA member Yves and a fan was unveiled. Here, the fan mentioned a photo of Yves wearing a pink leopard-print hoodie with a scary face on the hood, saying, “That’s not an outfit idols should wear”.

In response, Yves snapped at the fan, saying, “An outfit idols should not wear? So what is an outfit that idols should wear? As I’m an idol, whatever I wear should be considered idol outfits, right? It’s not like I am hurting anybody (with what I wear).”

“I’m not offended”, Yves also said, adding, “If you continue to argue, I will block you. Goodbye”. 

Upon seeing Yves’s strong reaction, some people commented that perhaps the female idol was being “too sensitive”. However, most netizens side with Yves, expressing that they find the fan’s action plainly rude.

Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • It’s not like she’s wearing a bikini on the streets. Why should the fan care?
  • This is 100% on the fan. Why do they think they have the right to police what the idol should wear 
  • Hah. It must be difficult to be an idol, to even be nitpicked on outfits like this 
  • The fan is so rude, just who gave them the right to be policing what people wear 
  • Eh, the fan is not correct but I think Yves kinda over-reacted

Source: Instiz