4 Female K-Pop Idols Who Sparked Concern Due to Extremely Frail Figures: BLACKPINK Rosé, IVE Jang Wonyoung, More

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It is not uncommon for idols to undergo dangerous diets to remain skinny. Here are four female K-pop idols who have worried fans due to their extremely skinny figures.

In the K-pop industry, it is sadly common for female idols to remain stick thin to suit beauty standards. Despite immense pressure, this is still commonplace, and many adhere to this standard.

Many believe that the perfect weight is something equal to or lower than their height measurement which is 120. For example, if you are 159cm tall, you must be 39kg. Here are four female idols who have followed this, but sparked concern due to their skinny physiques.

1. 2NE1 Sandara Park

Sandara Park has always been known as the skinniest member of 2NE1 and has sparked concern due to how skinny she is. However, she has proved several times that she loves food, she just happens to have a small appetite!

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During a recent show appearance, Sandara Park revealed that during 2NE1’s most active days, the members were required to keep their weight below 40kg. Sandara Park, who was only 38kg, asked her manager if she could gain weight, but was rejected by YG Entertainment.

2. Sunmi

Sunmi is another idol who has sparked concern due to her figure. Standing at 166cm tall, Sunmi weighs only 38kg. In the formula mentioned above, the “perfect” weight for her would be 46kg, meaning she is extremely underweight.

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With her skinny legs and ribcage peeking out from her mid-riff, many fans hope the idol is taking good care of her body.

3. IVE Jang Wonyoung

Jang Wonyoung is 173cm tall but is estimated to only weigh around 47kg. If we use the formula mentioned above, her goal weight would be around 53kg, which means she is much skinnier than she is expected to be.

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The idol has continuously sparked concern, with fans hoping she isn’t dieting too hard since she is naturally skinny. The concern was especially evident during the group’s “After Like” era when photos of the idol and her ribcage poking through her skin went viral.


Rosé is an idol famous for her slim body. She is approximately 170cm tall but weighs only 44kg. Using the formula mentioned most would expect her to be 50kg.

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Recently, a video of Rosé during a photoshoot has sparked concern due to her skinny body. Many are hoping she isn’t working too hard and has time to rest. It appears the idol has several projects on top of new music lined up, which has fans worried she is stressed and exhausted, leading to weight loss.

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