4 K-Pop Idols Hiding Their Height Struggles Revealed

In the world of K-pop, where talent, visuals, and charisma often take center stage, it’s not uncommon for idols to face playful teasing from their fellow group members or fans.

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One topic that has garnered attention on Quora is the height of K-pop idols and how some of them are often subject to playful banter due to their shorter stature. Here are some insights from Quora discussions on which K-pop idols are frequently teased because of their height.

Unmasking K-Pop’s Hidden Heights 

EXO Baekhyun

Baekhyun, a member of the popular boy group EXO, is often mentioned as one of the shortest members of the group, standing at 170 cm (5’7″). Despite his immense talent and charm, his height has become a source of playful teasing within the group.

EXO Baekhyun

(Photo : https://www.instagram.com/baekhyunee_exo/?hl=en)


Jennie, a member of the widely acclaimed girl group BLACKPINK, is another idol who often faces teasing due to her height. Although her exact height is not mentioned in the Quora discussions, it is clear that her shorter stature has not affected her popularity or stage presence.


(Photo : https://www.instagram.com/jennierubyjane/)

BTS Jimin

 A member of the global sensation BTS, is known for his incredible dance skills and captivating performances. However, despite being only 173.6 cm (5’8.3″), which is barely shorter than some of his fellow members, he is frequently teased about his height within the group.

BTS Jimin

(Photo : https://www.instagram.com/j.m/?hl=en)


 Woozi, a member of the talented boy group Seventeen, is adorably short 164 cm5’5″). His has become a subject of playful banter endearing moments within the group.


(Photo : https://www.instagram.com/woozi_universefactory/?hl=en)

While playful teasing may occur among idols, it is essential to remember that behind the scenes, they share strong bonds as teammates and friends. The K-pop industry thrives on teamwork, support, and camaraderie.

As K-pop continues to grow in global popularity, it’s important for fans to appreciate and support their favorite idols, regardless of their height or any other physical attributes. After all, it’s their talent, hard work, and passion that have made them beloved figures in the industry.

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