4 Poignant Korean Romance Films To Watch This Week: ‘Decision to Leave,’ ‘Tune in for Love,’ More

No partner to celebrate Valentine’s day with this February? Fret not because what better way to spend the day of love than by watching Korean romance films. This article is for you.

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From comical romances to thought-evoking films from “Decision to Leave” to “On Your Wedding Day,” there’s a perfect Korean film for you to watch this month of love.

Here are four amazing recommendations you must check out this week. Keep on reading.

‘Decision to Leave’

This thought-provoking masterpiece won the Grand Prize in the 2023 Baeksang Arts Awards, thanks to its greatly moving narrative.

'Decision to Leave' Poster
(Photo : CJ ENT Movie)
Park Hae Il and Tang Wei

It stars Tang Wei and Park Hae Il, and it tells the story of a detective who’s investigating a man’s death in the mountains and ends up meeting and developing feelings for the dead man’s wife.

Decision to Leave
(Photo : CJ ENM)

Check out the poignant film of love and dignity now. “Decision to Leave” is available for worldwide streaming on Netflix.

‘Sweet & Sour’

Starring Chae Soo Bin, Jang Ki Yong and Krystal Jung, the rom-com film “Sweet & Sour” tells the stories of three individuals who are caught up in romance and the busy life of work.

Sweet and Sour Film
(Photo : weetandsour_film/Instagram)

The show depicts a couple’s complicated relationship when external factors slowly destroy their love, and how they handle it while staying faithful and responsible for their feelings.

'Sweet & Sour'
(Photo : Netflix Korea)
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Check out the realistic portrayal of the romance world in “Sweet & Sour” on Netflix now.

‘Tune in for Love’

In Kim Go Eun and Jung Hae In’s “Tune in for Love,” K-drama viewers will be experience the romance that is decided, ruined and fixed by fate itself.

Tune in For Love
(Photo : Marie Claire Official Instagram)

The film tells the love story of two young people who meet and fall in love after exchanging wonderful stories on a radio show. Check it out on Netflix now.

‘On Your Wedding Day’

Park Bo Young and Kim Young Kwang made everyone weep with their emotion-evoking romance film “On Your Wedding Day.”

'On Your Wedding Day'
(Photo : Megabox Plus M)

Although it’s been six years since it was released, the drama continues to secure its spot as one of the best South Korean films of all time.

'On Your Wedding Day'
(Photo : Megabox Plus M)

It follows the reunification of two ex-lovers, and witnesses one another fall in love with someone else. Because of its poignant narrative, it has truly become one of the best Korean classics. Catch “On Your Wedding” day with English subtitles on Netflix now.