4 Things You Must Know About ‘Pyramid Game’ Star Shin Seul Ki

There’s no stopping Shin Seul Ki from dominating the entertainment scene with her grace and impressive acting as she successfully debuts as an actress through TVING’s “Pyramid Game.”

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Despite being a rookie actress, she has drawn a lot of traction from viewers all around the globe, thanks to her unrivaled beauty and immersive performance.

Besides the high praises, Shin Seul Ki also aroused curiosity about her plans as an artist.

Here are 4 things you must know about the actress.

1. Shin Seul Ki appeared on ‘Single’s Inferno.’

Before she made her acting debut, Shin Seul Ki had already appeared on the brown screens in 2022 when she became a contestant in the second season of “Single’s Inferno.”

Shin Seul Ki Esquire Korea
4 Things You Must Know About ‘Pyramid Game’ Star Shin Seul Ki
(Photo : Esquire Korea)
Single's Inferno 2
4 Things You Must Know About ‘Pyramid Game’ Star Shin Seul Ki
(Photo : Park Se Jeong Instagram)

The South Korean beauty made it to the finals with her handsome pair Choi Jong Woo. As of this writing, Shin Seul Ki remains to be one of the most popular contestants in the dating show.

2. Shin Seul Ki is a piano major.

In “Single’s Inferno,” Shin Seul Ki revealed that she majored in piano at Seoul National University’s College of Music.

According to her, she originally prepared to be an announcer. However, she fell in love with music, especially with the piano, and began studying it.

3. She is a beauty queen.

In an episode of “Single’s Inferno,” it was revealed that Shin Seul Ki participated in the Miss Chunhyang 2020 competition along with Season 1 contestant Shin Ji Yeon.

Shin Seul Ki
4 Things You Must Know About ‘Pyramid Game’ Star Shin Seul Ki
(Photo : Shin Seul Ki Instagram)

Fans weren’t shocked when this was revealed as the actress possesses great beauty and ethereal glow that made every man and even woman swoon.

4. ‘Pyramid Game’ is her debut series.

Even before she appeared on “Single’s Inferno,” Shin Seul Ki had already decided to become an actor.

Pyramid Game Poster
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(Photo : TVING)

Before joining the dating show, she started studying acting and developed her dream of debuting in terrestrial television. Thankfully, she landed a spot in “Pyramid Game.”

'Pyramid Game' Stills
(Photo : TVING Official)

Shin Seul Ki transformed into Seo Do Ah, the mysterious class president in the psychological thriller series alongside WJSN Bona, Ryu Da In and fellow rookie star Jang Da Ah.

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Watch the Pyramid Game trailer here.