4 Women BIGBANG G-Dragon Had Dating Rumors With: BLACKPINK Jennie, 2NE1 Sandara Park, More

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Throughout his career, G-Dragon has been romantically linked to several women. Here are four of the most memorable ones.

1. Kiko Mizuhara

G-Dragon was first linked to Kiko Mizhuhara in 2011 after they were spotted at an amusement park together. Their next interaction that went viral was in 2013 after Kiko was seen at G-Dragon’s birthday party in August. Later that year, the two reportedly celebrated Christmas together.

In 2014, fans spotted the two on a dinner date in a Gopchang restaurant in Seoul. The two were then spotted in Itaewon in September of that year. Photos of G-Dragon holding Kiko by the waist during the date soon went viral. In 2015, they were spotted together in Okinawa and attended the same Chanel fashion show in Paris a week later.

Though they never confirmed their relationship, Dispatch announced in 2015 that the two broke up, though they remain friends.

2. Nana Komatsu

In September 2016, photos of G-Dragon with Nana Komatsu were leaked from the idol’s private Instagram account. The photos showed them on various dates, such as the two having dinner. Another photo showed the two snuggling up during a gathering with friends. He also shared a candid photo he took of the model to the account.

Prior to the leak, the two were spotted eating together in a restaurant in Tokyo. The two also posed for an intimate photoshoot with Nylon in March of that year. Rumors circulated that the model had cheated on her boyfriend Masaki Suda with G-Dragon, though this was never confirmed.

Neither YG Entertainment nor G-Dragon commented on the rumors.

3. 2NE1 Sandara Park

The two have been linked to each other ever since 2NE1’s rookie days due to their close friendship! They have collaborated on music together, and have no problem mentioning their close friendship! In 2017, G-Dragon even invited Sandara Park to his concert in Manila. There, he talked about how although he sees her as a noona, he still finds her pretty

In 2023, G-Dragon sent fans into a frenzy after changing his bio to “G-DARAGON,” which is their ship name. Though the change did not last long, fans were ecstatic to see G-Dragon recognize his ship with Sandara Park. However, he is not the only one who acknowledged it. In 2020, Sandara Park talked about her dating rumor with G-Dragon.

Besides that, the two often interact on social media, hyping each other up. G-Dragon has also sent Sandara Park clothes from his fashion line, PEACEMINUSONE.


In February 2021, fans were shocked when Dispatch reported that Jennie and G-Dragon were in a relationship, and had been dating for a year.

According to Dispatch, the two mostly dated in G-Dragon’s luxury apartment. His penthouse has a secure two-step verification process and a separate entry, making it perfect for the two to remain lowkey about their relationship. Allegedly, Jennie registered her car on the security system and used a separate elevator that led straight to his apartment.

The relationship was reportedly well-known among YG Entertainment staff, with the BLACKPINK member’s manager dropping her off and picking her up after their dates. G-Dragon was reportedly on set during the filming of BLACKPINK’s first full album to root for her.

In 2022, netizens believe the two split after it was discovered G-Dragon’s private account no longer followed Jennie but still followed the other BLACKPINK members.

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