48-Year-Old Japanese Actress Misunderstood as 22-Year-Old Son’s Girlfriend 

Japanese actress Kyoko Toyama mentioned her joyful daily life with her adult son

On September 13th, Kyoko Toyama revealed her current whereabouts in an interview with a foreign media outlet. Known for her unique and energetic image, she gained great popularity through various movies and dramas. 

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Kyoko Toyama

She also acquired a qualification as a natural food coordinator and even published a book on bento cooking recipes, leading a busy life. Toyama celebrated her 30th debut anniversary this year and is set to make a comeback on September 27th in the play ‘In the Sun.’

Toyama announced her marriage and pregnancy simultaneously in 2001, but she broke up, and became a single mother at the age of 26 before giving birth. 

Reflecting on that time, she confidently said in the interview, “If I had any doubts, it would be a lie, but since it was my decision, all I thought was that I would raise my child diligently.”

She also shared an anecdote about her son. Toyama revealed, “My son is now 22 years old, but (despite being an adult) we naturally go everywhere together, shop together, and return home together. It’s very heartwarming.” 

Kyoko Toyama

She continued, “Sometimes, it seems like I have a younger boyfriend,” and recounted an experience where she and her son were mistaken for being in a relationship. 

She said, “Recently, while waiting for a table at a ramen restaurant, I felt people’s gaze. I usually go out without a mask or sunglasses. I even joked with my son, ‘People might have thought we were a couple.’”

Source: Daum.