4th-Gen K-pop Male Idol Leaves Group Due To Personal Reasons + Company’s Official Statement

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YOUNITE member Hyunseung has left the group.

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On July 2, BRANDNEW MUSIC released an official statement announcing Hyunseung’s departure. According to the statement, the agency expressed regret with the unfortunate updates regarding the idol.

It added that the singer had left the boy group and agency due to personal reasons. The company then apologized for the sudden news, followed by an assurance stating that YOUNITE will continue its endeavors as an eight-membered group.

Furthermore, BRANDNEW MUSIC voiced out support for YOUNITE and its eight remaining members. It also asked for the support of fans. Read the full statement here:

“Hello. This is BRAND NEW MUSIC.

First of all, we would like to apologize to the fans who have shown a lot of interest and love to YOUNITE. We are here to inform you that YOUNITE member Hyunseung has left the team due to personal reasons and has terminated his exclusive contract with the company.

Once again, we would like to apologize to fans for the inconvenience caused by this sudden news. YOUNITE will continue its activities as an eight-membered group in the future.

We will do our best to support the members of YOUNITE, who will start a new chapter as an eight-membered act, and so we would also like to ask for your continued love and support.

Thank you.”


Fans were saddened by the news, leading them to express their thoughts on social media regarding Hyunseung’s departure. Here’s how they reacted:

  • “Thank you for everything that you did for the group and I hope whatever you choose to do in the future is successful and you remain happy. Fighting!”
  • “With this very sudden news I was kind of shocked, but I will do my best to support these guys no matter what happens to them as a group.”
  • “It’s highly unlikely you’ll see this but in the rare event that you do, I want to say thank you.”  

Earlier on June 12, BRANDNEW MUSIC announced Hyunseung’s temporary halt from his activities with the group due to personal reasons. Following this, the agency informed fans that YOUNITE will continue its group activities with an eight-member system.

“We would like to share that Hyunseung of YOUNITE will temporarily stop his activities due to personal reasons. In the meantime, YOUNITE will continue their schedules as an eight-membered group. We apologize to fans for causing concern with this sudden update.”

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