4th Gen Male Idol Caught Drunk Driving Right Before November Comeback 

An 4th generation male idol has official left his boy group after getting his license revoked due to drunk driving 

On November 6th, Brave Entertainment, the agency of boy group DKB, released an official statement saying: 

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“Hello. This is Brave Entertainment.

First of all, we would like to apologize to all the fans who support DKB for delivering unfortunate news.

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Our agency confirmed that on October 30th, our artist Teo was caught by the police for drunk driving, resulting in his license being revoked. We emphasized to Teo that drunk driving is an unacceptable behavior regardless of the reason.

After careful discussion with the individual and accepting their opinion that they cannot avoid causing damage to the group, we decided on Teo’s withdrawal from the team. Teo is currently deeply reflecting on his immature behavior.

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We are fully aware of the seriousness and responsibility of this incident, so we will do our utmost in artist management, education, and other aspects in the future. We apologize for causing concern to the fans.

In the future, DKB will reorganize the team with an 8 member line-up and continue their activities. We will support DKB wholeheartedly to help them return with more mature music and performances. We ask for unwavering love and interest from fans for the 8 members of DKB, who are doing their best for a comeback despite difficult circumstances.”

It is known that DKB released their repackaged album “We Love You” in August. They were planning a comeback with a new album in November, but with Teo’s unfortunate departure from the group, promotions for the new album will be done with 8 members instead of the original 9. 

DKB, a boy group under Brave Entertainment, is known as the “younger brother group” of Brave Girls (now known as “BB Girls”).

Source: Wikitree