5 dogs as famous as their star moms and dads

Let’s take a look at stars’ dogs, which are as famous as their moms and dads

1. BTS V

V and his pet dog Yeontan became a family through adoption in 2017. V’s love for his dog is well-known. Yeontan even adorned the cover image of V’s first solo album “Layover” and joined him on stage, receiving much attention from fans. V mentioned that Yeontan underwent two surgeries and expressed his wish to create enjoyable memories together in the future, as Yeontan had health issues since birth.

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2. Actor Lee Ki Woo

lee ki woo teddy

Lee Ki Woo adopted Teddy, an abandoned dog, due to his wife. He affectionately stated “I didn’t expect Teddy to grow this big” after raising Teddy for 3 years. Lee Ki Woo frequently shares everyday photos of himself and Teddy through SNS, receiving love from fans. Particularly, the wedding photos of Lee Ki Woo and his wife, where Teddy was present, became a hot topic.

3. Singer-actress Seolhyun

seolhyun coat shar pei

The combination of Seolhyun and her famous pet dog Dungchee is bound to bring a smile. Dungchee, a bear coat shar pei, is known for its curly fur and charming appearance. Seolhyun regularly shares her daily life with Dungchee on social media, attracting fans’ attention. Seolhyun once mentioned that she is happiest when she sneakily sniffs Dungchee’s smell.

4. Singer Crush

Crush’s adorable dogs, Rose and Duyu, are so famous that they have dedicated SNS accounts. Crush shares his realistic everyday life with his dogs, garnering cheerful reactions from fans. During his appearance on the show “I Live Alone”, he was seen taking his dogs to the park for a walk and participating in dog meet-ups, showcasing his special affection for them. Crush even plays the piano and composes songs for his pets.

5. Singer Kang Min Kyung

kang min kyung

Kang Min Kyung’s pet dog Hyuji is more like a daughter to her. Hyuji has frequently appeared in the media and even has a strong presence on Kang Min Kyung’s YouTube channel. With its cute appearance and irresistible charm, Hyuji has captured the hearts of many fans. An iconic moment was when Kang Min Kyung held Hyuji and played the piano while singing carols during the Christmas season, leaving a lasting impression.

Source: Wikitree