5 K-pop Groups Who Renewed Contracts & Kept Their Original Lineup: TWICE, SEVENTEEN, More!

While there are many aspects in K-pop that can contribute to a fan’s happiness, the most obvious one is a group’s contract renewal inside their agency.

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Many artists have gone through devoting seven years on their contracts, which can lead many fans to get nervous since groups tend to deviate from their original companies after completing the initial term. Some have renewed to stay for efficient management, while others did not.

Unfortunately, this can’t be helped since their stay will depend on how well an agency treats them in terms of legal matters, creative freedom, promotions, and many more. It can also include the reason of artists wanting to explore more opportunities outside their agency.

However, several fandoms are lucky enough to have their favorite K-pop groups renew all their contracts and keep their member roster.

Here are 5 K-pop groups who made their fans happy by renewing all members’ contracts!

1.    TWICE

5 K-pop Groups Who Renewed Contracts & Kept Their Original Lineup: TWICE, SEVENTEEN, More!

(Photo : Instagram: @twicetagram)

With a large dedicated fanbase and unrivaled presence in the music industry, TWICE left the K-pop community on edge during the year 2022 because of their contract renewal. However, ONCEs were relieved to know that all nine members have decided to renew their contracts.

Under JYP Entertainment, TWICE has been long known as a powerhouse K-pop girl group inside the company, as well as a representative of the third generation. TWICE made their debut on October 20, 2015, and has fortified a good relationship with the company.


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(Photo : Facebook: SEVENTEEN)

SEVENTEEN debuted on May 26, 2015, under PLEDIS Entertainment, but kept everyone anticipated with their contract conditions seven years later. On July 19, PLEDIS Entertainment officially announced that all 13 members of SEVENTEEN have renewed their contracts.

The agency also assured CARATs that SEVENTEEN will receive the best support there is for their activities, production, and promotions.

3.    BTS


(Photo : Twitter|@BTS_twt@)

K-pop fans have seen a lot of renewals, but this one didn’t surprise most of them, as everyone already knows how much BTS has contributed to their agency BIGHIT MUSIC (formerly known as Big Hit Entertainment).

On October 18, 2018, it was announced that all BTS member have renewed their exclusive contracts with the company. The “Fake Love” singers debuted as a group on June 12, 2013, and although they had one more year left in their contract, it was decided to have an early renewal.

4.    Dreamcatcher

DREAMCATCHER, successful European tour

(Photo : DREAMCATCHER Twitter)

Dreamcatcher debuted on January 13, 2017, under Dreamcatcher Company (formerly known as Happyface Entertainment). The girl group, known for their status as K-pop’s rock representative, have gained solid traction in their journey and has collected millions of fans worldwide.

On November 16, a Dreamcatcher Company representative officially disclosed that all seven members have renewed their exclusive contracts under the company.

5.    SF9


(Photo : Twitter: @SF9official)

All nine SF9 members renewed their contracts under FNC Entertainment on March 2, 2021.

Do you know any other K-pop groups with all members having renewed their contracts? Let us know in the comments below!

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