5 Lee Dong-wook Kdrama Characters That Consolidate His Presence as the Protagonist

As a South Korean actor, the Tale of the Nine Tailed’s “Mr Fox” made his acting debut in 1999, and since then we’ve had the privilege of witnessing the many Lee Dong-wook Kdrama characters that have come to life on the small screen and established the multifaceted star’s well-rounded filmography. He’s touched our hearts through many avatars, but some of them have been harder to forget than the rest, especially with a plethora of his shows earning the title of cult classics among international fans.

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On November 6, i.e. today, Lee celebrates his birthday, and we couldn’t hold back from sharing some of our personal favourite characters he’s played over the years. In addition to our five favourites, we’ve also listed some of his other memorable K-dramas at the end of this list. If you’re a fan of the man of the hour and his art, you should definitely tune into these shows ASAP!

Some of the Best Lee Dong-wook Kdrama Characters

Tale of the Nine Tailed and Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938 (2020-23)

Character: Lee Yeon, a 1000-year-old Gumiho (Nine-Tailed fox in Korean mythology).

This series marked as a continuation of Dong-wook’s fierce filmography defined by his leaning disposition towards supernatural main character arcs. As Lee Yeon, he shared a complicated, yet heart-warming relationship with his brother Lee Rang (Kim Bum), while maintaining an initially slow-burn love story with Jo Bo-ah’s Nam Ji-ah, also his star-crossed fated lover from a previous life. His new-age supernatural character is especially intriguing in both seasons of the K-drama because of how he maintains the ties between his former ancient life and the rather contemporary modern analogue of it in the present day.

Season 1 is streaming on Netflix, whereas both the seasons can be found on Amazon Prime Video. MX Player has also made the Hindi dubbed version of the series available for free.

Hell is Other People / Strangers from Hell (2019)

Character: Seo Moon-jo, a friendly dentist, who is not at all what he seems like.

In his most chilling and unhinged character to date, Dong-wook steps up as the sinister antagonist of this K-drama and faces off against Im si-wan’s Yoon Jong-woo. Living in an unkempt dormitory, a few doors down Jong-woo, Moon-jo appears to be a warmhearted presence at first, who by playing on the factor of relatability, befriends Jong-woo effortlessly. Though it helps ease Im Si-wan’s character especially with how out of place he’d been feeling at this cheap-rate place of living, Dong-wook’s menacing portrayal of his character sends chills down our spine while ensuring that the blood-ridden place can never become an abode for Jong-woo.

Hell is Other People is streaming on Amazon Prime Video and Viu.

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Goblin / Guardian The Lonely and Great God (2016)

Character: A cynical Grim Reaper, with a distinct and loveable sense of humour. He also shared history with Gong Yoo’s Goblin in their past life.

His bromance with Gong Yoo has long been a testament to how deeply immersed he was in his role as the Grim Reaper, which is also one of his most iconic supernatural character regardless of how many creatures he may have turned into throughout his career. Dong-wook’s chaotic friendship with the Goblin proved to be one of the strongest suits of this much-loved K-drama, which further turned into more of a hilariously tumultuous mess as soon as he comes face to face with Yoo In-na’s Sunny. Despite pretending to push her away, his character’s love sick self gets involuntarily pulled towards her, and props to the actor for being able to convey this handful conflict through his performance.

Being one of the best Lee Dong-wook dramas in this list, Goblin is streaming on Netflix.

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Touch Your Heart (2019)

Character: Kwon Jung-rok, a cold-hearted lawyer who never loses and is earnestly dedicated to his legal firm.

Lee Dong-wook and Yoo In-na’s chemistry in Goblin was loved to such great lengths that they were left with no choice but to join forces in this 2019 K-drama again. In contrast to his former dynamic character, here, the actor plays a hardened workaholic character, for whom his work will always be his priority. However, once Oh Jin-shim, a top actor is compelled to work alongside him to gain practical experience in the legal stream, sparks fly, and Dong-wook’s Jung-rok stands no chance against the heartwarming and melting sensations of love.

The series is streaming on Netflix, and its dubbed Hindi version is also available for free on MX Player.

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Bad and Crazy (2021)

Character: Ryu Soo-yeol, a corrupt and unethical police detective whose ambition turns him blind to all ill means of climbing up the social and professional ladder.

Though leading a seamless life despite his corrupt ways, Ryu Soo-yeol is the kind of man who never turns his back on success and upward mobility regardless of what he must trample on in the process, but meeting with Wi Ha-joon’s K, a man with a crazy sense of justice, Dong-wook’s character arc takes an abrupt turn. Together they make for a “bad and crazy” unit, and Dong-wook’s character eventually has to reveal his hidden layers underneath, making way for an ultimate character transformation and development.

Dong-wook and Ha-joon starrer K-drama series is streaming on iQIYI, and also on Amazon Prime Video for select regions.

While we’re celebrating some of the greatest hits of the highly coveted K-drama leading man today on the occasion of his birthday, we can’t forget his upcoming projects either. He’s set to play the role of Park Yeong-ho, a power influencer, in his movie Single in Seoul, releasing in theatres on November 29, 2023. He’ll be seen alongside Im Soo-jung, who also shared the screen with him back in 2019 for the K-drama Search: WWW. However, Dong-wook only came in for a cameo back then.

He’s also been listed to star in A Shop for Killers and The Good Man, both being K-dramas that will be released in 2024. Recently, we saw Lee Dong-wook on Chaessi Pyolyugi Episode 10. Both Lee Dong-wook and Hyungwon share their creative contracts with Starship Entertainment.

Lee Dong-wook Kdrama Characters - Chaessi Pyolyugi
MONSTA X Hyungwon and Dong-wook on Chaessi Pyolyugi Episode 10.

Happy Birthday Lee Dong-wook, the man who never ages!

Which of these Lee Dong-wook characters intrigues you the most? Let us know your favourite picks in the comments section below.

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