5 Most Hated Scenes in K-Dramas: My Shy Boss, Heirs, My Love From the Star, MORE

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Korean dramas, or K-dramas, have gained immense popularity worldwide for their compelling storylines, romantic plots, and talented actors. However, there are certain scenes in K-dramas that viewers often find frustrating or dislike. Let’s take a look at five of the most hated scenes in K-dramas, along with some quotes from avid K-drama watchers expressing their opinions.

K-drama Scenes That Gave Viewers Some Irk-Reactions

1. Deliberate Abuse by Overbearing Parents

One scene that frequently draws criticism is the portrayal of deliberate abuse by overbearing parents towards their family members. This often involves physical abuse, particularly when a father mistreats his son. In dramas like “My Shy Boss” and “Heirs,” such scenes depict the high expectations placed on children by their parents and the harsh treatment they receive when they fail to meet those expectations.

A K-drama watcher explains:

“The scenes I hate the most in Korean dramas are those of deliberate abuse by overbearing parents to a family member, primarily the physical abuse of a father toward his son. The Korean culture creates very high expectations by many parents of their children, and when those expectations are not met, bad parents feeling shame or embarrassment because of their child’s lower performance will treat them harshly. Never a good thing to do.” – Ed Stoddard

2. Controlling Parents Threatening Financial Consequences

Another disliked scene involves controlling parents threatening their adult children with financial consequences if they don’t comply with their demands. This often includes freezing bank accounts, credit cards, or taking away personal belongings like cars. A viewer expresses their frustration:

“When a parent tells their ADULT son or daughter that if they don’t toe the line, they lose their CAR or freeze their credit card/bank accounts. WTF??? I can sort of understand their ability to do this if a daughter is unemployed and living with them, but an adult daughter who is working? Or even more stupidly, an adult SON who has a position at the COMPANY? Excuse me????” – Teleri Ferch Nyfain

3. Unrealistic Portrayal of Physical Appearance and Abilities

Many viewers find it irksome when K-dramas portray characters who always look impeccable regardless of the circumstances. Even after fights or accidents, their appearance remains flawless, wounds heal quickly, and they never seem to sweat or smell. This unrealistic portrayal of physical appearance and abilities can be frustrating for some viewers. A K-drama enthusiast shares their observation:

“Nobody sweats or smells. They are always squeaky clean. Even after fights/accidents, their appearance is intact. Skin is unblemished. Wounds heal magically in a day or two.” – A Nomad.

4. Love Triangles Ignoring Female Lead’s Opinions

Love triangles are a common trope in K-dramas, but it can be infuriating when the two male characters argue over who “deserves” the female lead without giving her much agency or considering her opinion. This often leads to the female lead being ignored or overlooked while the men fight for her affection. A K-drama viewer expresses their dissatisfaction:

“In which the mandatory love triangle comes to a head and the two men will have a vicious argument, if not even an actual physical altercation, as to which of them ‘deserves’ to get the woman. Meanwhile, said woman is present but is virtually ignored as if her input is very obviously not that important.” – Maria Ana Castro

5. Secondary Characters’ Emotions and Outcomes Disregarded

Many viewers dislike it when the emotions and outcomes of secondary characters in K-dramas are overshadowed or disregarded as unimportant compared to the main characters. This can leave viewers feeling frustrated, especially when secondary characters have compelling storylines that are not fully explored. An observant viewer shares their opinion:

“I hate it when, as often happens, the emotions and outcomes of the secondary characters are discounted as unimportant. A great example of this is ‘My Love From the Stars’ about a girl who has friends, fame, fortune, loving family, and love

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