5 Things You Must Know About ‘The Bequeathed’ Star Kim Hyun Joo

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A number of K-dramas are continuously dominating Netflix, following the global rise of “Squid Game” as the most streamed work in the platform.

This 2024, viewers have their eyes set on Kim Hyun Joo’s newest occult horror drama “The Bequeathed” with Ryu Kyung Soo, Park Hee Soon and more.

The actress plays a troubled professor who suddenly inherits a cemetery from her estranged uncle, subjecting her into bizarre and murderous events.

If you loved her performance in the show, then this is for you. Here are five fun facts you must know about Kim Hyun Joo.

1. Kim Hyun Joo has been in the industry for more than two decades.

Kim Hyun Joo made her acting debut in 1996 after starring in Kim Hyun Chul’s music video for the song “One’s Lifetime.”

Kim Hyun Joo
(Photo : IOK Company)

This opened doors for her career and in the same year, she participated in the film “If It Snows On Christmas” which marks her film debut as a lead actress.

Since then, she appeared in various works including her breakthrough project “Glass Slippers” that was released in 2002.

“The Miracle We Met,” “Watcher” and “Undercover” are also some of her most note-worthy K-dramas.

2. Kim Hyun Joo played five lawyer roles in her entire career.

Since her debut, Kim Hyun Joo has played various intriguing roles from being a detective to a professor.

Kim Hyun Joo
(Photo : Harper’s Bazaar Korea)

But interestingly, the actress has played the lawyer role for five times. In the Netflix show “Hellbound,” she transformed into a lawyer who goes against a pseudo-religion cult.

Before that, she took on the lawyer roles in her previous works “I Have A Lover,” “Partner,” “Watcher” and “Undercover.”

(Photo : Netflix Korea)
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When asked why she has been playing the role in various projects, Kim Hyun Joo reasoned that she has no specific reason. She just gives off the vibe of someone trustworthy.

3. Kim Hyun Joo is a goodwill fairy.

For more than a decade, Kim Hyun Joo has been an ambassador for Good Neighbors, a non-government organization that focuses on children’s rights after her father passed away.

Kim Hyun Joo
(Photo : Elle Korea Magazine)

The Hallyu star traveled to less fortunate countries like Bangladesh, and sponsored a child and its needs. She also shared her knowledge by being an instructor under the organization.

4. ‘What Happens To My Family?’ is her most memorable work.

According to the actress, “What Happens To My Family?” is the drama that she most resonated with.

Kim Hyun Joo
(Photo : Elle Korea Magazine)

She described the work as the production where “she felt the most like her true self,” thanks to their resemblance in their personalities.

Kim Hyun Joo shared that she also leads two different lives at home and when she’s outside her home due to the nature of her profession as an actress.

5. Kim Hyun Joo is multitalented.

Although she’s known for her iconic performances in the home and silver theaters, Kim Hyun Joo is also musically inclined.

In the past, she boasted her talents in playing the violin and the drums. Check them out below:

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