50 Best K-pop Maknaes in 2023: BTS Jungkook, Super Junior Kyuhyun, TWICE Tzuyu, MORE!

KingChoice released its list containing the best 50 maknaes in the K-pop industry.

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There are several factors as to why fandoms voted for their favorite idols on this list, as many maknaes are undoubtedly capable of showing off their charms, talent, and irresistible personalities, which can bias-wreck anyone in the K-pop community!

Here are the Top 50 K-pop maknaes in 2023!

1.    BTS Jungkook

BTS Jungkook
(Photo : Facebook: BTS)

Jungkook reigned the list as the No. 1 best maknae of 2023 after gaining a total vote count of 308,958.

2.    Super Junior Kyuhyun

(Photo : Instagram/@gyuram_88)

Kyuhyun of Super Junior managed to land in second place due to 169,450 votes from the K-pop community.

3.    TWICE Tzuyu

(Photo : Instagram: @thinkaboutzu)

The Top 3 was rounded by Tzuyu of TWICE, who received 124,529 votes online.

4.    Former MOMOLAND Nancy

(Photo : Instagram: @nancyjewel_mcdonie_)

The list was continued by MOMOLAND’s youngest member Nancy, who acquired a total of 106,092 votes. 

5.    BLACKPINK Lisa

(Photo : Instagram)

Lisa made it on No. 5 after receiving 39,014 votes online. As BLACKPINK’s youngest member, Lisa has established her presence internationally with her releases, talent, impact, and popularity.

6.    Dreamcatcher Gahyeon

Dreamcatcher Gahyeon
(Photo : Instagram: @hf_dreamcatcher)

Gahyeon received a total vote count of 23,542, making her the sixth best maknae of 2023.

7.    NCT Jisung

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(Photo : Jisung (News1))

Jisung received 11,394 on the list, earning him No. 7.

8.    TREASURE Junghwan

(Photo : Instagram|@yg_treasure_official)

Junghwan placed in No. 8 after garnering 12,798 upvotes and 3,377 downvotes.

9.    Girl’s Day Hyeri

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(Photo : Hyeri (Instagram))

Hyeri secured the No. 9 spot after collecting 10,738 votes online.

10.  Apink Hayoung

Apink Hayoung
(Photo : Instagram: @_ohhayoung_)
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Lastly, the tenth spot was secured by Hayoung of Apink, who managed to garner 8,888 votes from various fandoms online.

See the remaining K-pop maknaes below:

11.  ASTRO Sanha


13.  EXO Sehun

14.  Red Velvet Yeri

15.  aespa NingNing

16.  Girls’ Generation Seohyun

17.  Stray Kids I.N

18.  ATEEZ Jongho

19.  STAYC J

20.  IVE Jang Wonyoung

21.  SHINee Taemin

22.  (G)I-DLE Shuhua

23.  GOT7 Yugyeom

24.  iKON Chanwoo

25.  BTOB Sungjae

26.  VIVIZ Umji

27.  ENHYPEN Ni-ki


29.  EVERGLOW Yiren

30.  OH MY GIRL Arin

31.  NU’EST Ren

32.  Weki Meki Lucy

33.  Golden Child Bomin

34.  VERIVERY Kangmin

35.  AB6IX Daehwi

36.  LOONA Yeojin

37.  ONEUS Xion

38.  AOA Chanmi

39.  Weeekly Zoa

40.  NMIXX Kyujin

41.  VICTON Subin

42.  Kep1er Yeseo

43.  A.C.E Chan

44.  PENTAGON Wooseok

45.  WINNER Yoon

46.  CRAVITY Seongmin

47.  ITZY Yuna

48.  MAMAMOO Hwasa

49.  TXT Huening Kai

50.  SF9 Chani

Which K-pop maknaes on the list are your favorite idols? Let us know in the comments below!

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