6 Dramas Similar to Everyone Loves Me to Watch

“Everyone Loves Me” is the latest Chinese drama that has succeeded in stealing the attention of many people with its sweet romance storyline and simple plot that is easy to digest. Because of this, many fans want dramas similar to “Everyone Loves Me”, here we have the list.

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We’ve compiled a list of captivating dramas that share a similar theme and atmosphere, perfect for fans who crave more light-hearted moments and engaging narratives.


List of Dramas Similar to Everyone Loves Me


1. Love Me, Love My Voice

6 Dramas Similar to Everyone Loves Me to Watch

If you enjoyed the dynamic between the male and female leads in “Everyone Loves Me,” then “Love Me, Love My Voice” is a must-watch.

This drama follows the story of a university student, Gu Sheng, who dreams of collaborating with her favorite voice dubbing idol, Mo Qing Cheng.

The online interactions and unexpected connections between the characters will remind you of the endearing relationships in “Everyone Loves Me.”


2. Moonlight

“Moonlight” shares similarities with “Everyone Loves Me” in its exploration of online relationships and modern-day conflicts. Chu Li, a university graduate, navigates the challenges of the publishing industry while unknowingly interacting online with author Zhou Chuan.

The blend of romance, misunderstandings, and workplace dynamics will resonate with fans of “Everyone Loves Me.”


3. Love Scenery

6 Dramas Similar to Everyone Loves Me to Watch

For fans of romantic comedies with a twist, “Love Scenery” offers a refreshing take on online gaming and secret crushes. Lu Jing, a computer genius, finds himself drawn to Liang Chen, a pop idol, as they bond over their shared dreams and passions.

The journey of pursuing dreams and forging connections in the digital age mirrors the themes explored in “Everyone Loves Me.”


4. You Are My Glory

6 Dramas Similar to Everyone Loves Me to Watch

E-sports and unrequited love take center stage in “You Are My Glory,” making it a perfect match for fans of “Everyone Loves Me.” Aerospace engineer Yu Tu reconnects with his high school crush, celebrity Qiao Jing Jing, as they team up to save her endorsement deal.

The blend of gaming, romance, and personal growth echoes the themes of friendship and ambition found in “Everyone Loves Me.”


5. Put Your Head on My Shoulder

With its simple yet heartwarming storyline, “Put Your Head on My Shoulder” shares similarities with “Everyone Loves Me.” Situ Mo, an accounting major, finds her life intertwined with physics student Gu Weiyi, leading to unexpected romance and personal growth.

The lighthearted tone and smooth flow of romance will appeal to fans of feel-good dramas like “Everyone Loves Me.”


6. Falling Into Your Smile

6 Dramas Similar to Everyone Loves Me to Watch

In the competitive world of e-sports, “Falling Into Your Smile” explores themes of ambition, teamwork, and unexpected connections.

Tong Yao, a talented amateur gamer, finds herself joining the all-male ZGDX OPL team, where she forms a bond with the team captain, Lu Si Cheng. The blend of gaming culture, romance, and personal growth mirrors the engaging dynamics of “Everyone Loves Me.”