6 K-pop Idols Who Faced Backlash for Hilarious/Absurd Reasons: TWICE Chaeyoung, Stray Kids Hyunjin, More!

In a thread, K-pop fans shared some of the “dumbest” reasons their favorite idols/biases got bashed for. It seems that even the most innocent actions can spark controversy in the world of K-pop.

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Here are some of the most surprising and bewildering reasons K-pop idols faced criticism.

ATEEZ Wooyoung


(Photo : desire) ATEEZ Wooyoung

ATEEZ Wooyoung received backlash for having a tattoo on the same body area as another idol. Little did he know that this common body part adorned by several idols would become a cause for criticism!

The absurdity of the situation highlights the extent to which fans can scrutinize even the most trivial aspects of their biases’ appearances.

ATEEZ Yeosang


(Photo : ATEEZ Yeosang)

ATEEZ Yeosang was criticized for sharing a predebut picture of the old Big Hit room.

As a former trainee from the agency, Yeosang faced backlash for simply sharing a photo from his past! 

BTS Jimin

BTS Jimin

(Photo : BTS Jimin)

BTS Jimin was labeled as an “attention seeker” and “coming in-between” people’s ships.

Despite his close bond with his fellow members and his endearing personality, Jimin faced unwarranted criticism for simply being himself.



(Photo : BTS Jin)

BTS Jin was criticized for being the oldest member and not joining the military when he wanted to.

Age-shaming and judgments about personal choices were directed at Jin, along with criticisms about his looks and vocals.

Stray Kids Hyunjin

Stray Kids

(Photo : https://www.instagram.com/straykidshyunjins/?hl=en)

Stray Kids Hyun was accused of copying BTS Taehyung. ARMYs pointed out their similarities in appearance and choice of accessories, leading to baseless accusations and unnecessary hate. 

TWICE Chaeyoung


(Photo : https://www.instagram.com/chaeyo.0/)

TWICE Chaeyoung was in hot water for wearing the same hairstyle as BLACKPINK Lisa. The coincidence of having a similar hair color led to a wave of hate and death threats, highlighting the toxicity within fandoms. 

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These examples demonstrate how easily K-Pop idols can become targets of criticism. From personal choices to innocent actions, it is clear that the industry faces its fair share of unwarranted negativity.

While it is important to remember that these are individual experiences shared on a community forum and may not represent the entire K-pop community, they shed light on the pressures and scrutiny that idols face on a daily basis.

As fans, it is crucial to support and appreciate our favorite idols for their talents and hard work rather than focusing on irrelevant details or engaging in toxic behavior. Let’s celebrate the diversity and artistry of K-pop without getting caught up in unnecessary controversies.

Kpop Idols

(Photo : https://www.instagram.com/chaeyo.0/)

Meanwhile, in K-pop, idols and groups aren’t the only ones who get the spotlight, since their fandoms can also generate immense buzz as well. Fandoms play a big part in K-pop, as shown in their devotion and willingness to support their faves’ success.

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