7 Best Run BTS Episodes That Will Have You Laughing Uncontrollably and Falling Off Your Chair

BTS has been a major reason for bringing laughter to many people, as they consistently entertain their fans with various content, whether it’s their songs, variety shows, or live videos. However, with the members currently serving in the military, we’ve been missing the funny moments that the group used to deliver through their content. So, to relive those moments, let’s take a look at the best ‘Run BTS’ episodes that have left us in uncontrollable laughter.

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In the captivating world of Run BTS, the beloved members of the group engage in a delightful array of games, spurred on by the promise of rewards or the looming spectre of punishment. This dynamic premise thrives on the seamless chemistry among the stars and the clever editing style of the show. While the episodes often revel in joyful absurdity, they also offer poignant glimpses into the members’ genuine emotions and moments of sincere reflection. Moreover, amidst the laughter and camaraderie, viewers are treated to thrilling instances of competitive betrayal, which inject genuine surprises and plot twists into the mix, keeping audiences eagerly anticipating each new instalment.

7 Best Run BTS Episodes That Will Have You Laughing Uncontrollably

The Variety Show of Memories Episodes 30-31

The Variety Show of Memories spins a delightful tale steeped in retro vibes. BTS rocks vintage outfits as they dive into a series of classic Korean variety-show games, filling the screen with laughter and playful banter. Viewers are taken on a charming journey through the history of variety shows, with each game paying tribute to the genre’s enduring appeal. Amidst the fun, Suga shines as the MC, effortlessly charming the audience and adding an extra layer of entertainment to the show.

The best part of the episode happens when the BTS members take on a funny challenge: they have to take a 30-minute nap and then try to remember and sing a children’s song called “A Stylish Tomato.” It’s a bit unexpected but really hilarious! This part of the show is all about having fun together and facing some surprising tasks. BTS shows off their playful side and also pays tribute to Korean variety shows, proving once again that they’re amazing entertainers.

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BTS School Episodes 63-64

Run BTS used to focus a lot on comedy sketches, like what you see on Korean variety shows. But in this episode, they trying out different kinds of content instead. In BTS School, they mixed in some skits with the new style. The members acted like they were in a school, with one of them playing a teacher and the others as students. They played games that were like school subjects and even did a fun challenge with handbells. This episode showed that the BTS members are good at more than just singing and dancing.

The episode gets really exciting when people argue about whether mint chocolate chip ice cream is good or not. They add a fun twist by spraying water on anyone who says certain words or phrases. Even though it seems simple, the show mixes together different games and situations to make it entertaining. It shows how creative and fun the show can be.

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Pajama Party Episodes 97-98

The Pajama Party episode emerges as a delightful beacon of warmth and joy, beckoning viewers into a realm where comfort and laughter intertwine seamlessly. As the members don their cosiest pyjamas, the atmosphere transforms into a haven of relaxation and camaraderie, setting the stage for an evening filled with lighthearted fun. Amidst the laughter and banter, the spotlight shines brightly on the uproarious Animal Kingdom game, a highlight that never fails to elicit belly laughs and contagious smiles from all who partake.

These episodes serve as a welcome escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, offering a sanctuary where worries fade into the background and genuine connections are forged. Symbolising the beauty of simplicity and the power of shared experiences, the episode leaves an indelible mark on viewers, instilling a sense of warmth, comfort, and unabashed joy that lingers long after the pyjamas have been put away.

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Photo Challenge Episodes 104-106

In the world of BTS, taking photos isn’t just a regular thing; it’s a chance to be really creative. In the Photo Challenge episode, the BTS members come up with their own cool photo shoots. They also make their own outfits using second-hand clothes, glue guns, paint, and fun party stuff. This mix of making clothes and taking photos turns a regular photo shoot into something really exciting and stylish.

It’s like a mix between Project Runway but with BTS as the only contestants. In this episode, there’s a special moment that shows how fun and lovable BTS members are. It’s a photo of Jimin wearing a plain T-shirt, like a school picture. Even though this photo didn’t make it into the final selection it was gifted to the winner and it’s still put up on the walls at HYBE, the company that manages BTS.

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Dubbing Episode 109

One of the most entertaining RUN BTS episodes is this one as the group embarks on a captivating journey into the world of voice dubbing, encountering a seasoned professional who imparts his expertise to eager members. Amidst this immersive experience, BTS showcases their remarkable talent and adaptability, demonstrating a natural aptitude for the craft. Particularly noteworthy is SUGA’s portrayal of Woody from Disney Pixar’s timeless classic Toy Story, a performance that leaves an indelible mark with its charm and authenticity, solidifying his place as a multifaceted artist within the group’s illustrious repertoire.

Meanwhile, the collective effort of Jin, Jimin, and RM in bringing to life the iconic hyenas from The Lion King is nothing short of mesmerizing, as their synchronized delivery and infectious energy mirror the camaraderie and synergy that define BTS, captivating audiences worldwide. Through their spirited exploration of voice dubbing, BTS not only entertains but also inspires, leaving an enduring impact that resonates with fans and enthusiasts alike, further solidifying their status as global icons in the realm of entertainment.

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77-Minute Debate Episodes 131-132

The 77-Minute Debate episode of Run BTS emerges as a standout within the series’ repertoire, marked by its unique blend of playful competition and watery consequences. Here, amidst the amusing backdrop of frivolous debates on topics like soft peaches versus hard peaches, the members navigate a relentless deluge of water, with each slip of the tongue or misstep triggering a drenching punishment. This episode not only showcases the group’s camaraderie and quick thinking but also highlights the producers’ clever choice to unify the members’ fates, ensuring that a single mistake reverberates across the entire team, fostering a chaotic yet entertaining dynamic onstage.

Through the lens of gameplay mechanics, the episode demonstrates a refined approach, where collective responsibility heightens the stakes and intensifies the members’ interactions. As they shout over the roar of water, striving to discern and evade the forbidden actions, the episode not only entertains but also offers insight into the growth and innovation that have become synonymous with the beloved variety show.

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BTS Collaboration Variety Show Episodes 140-141

In this episode, Game Caterers welcomes the renowned host Na Young-seok, also known as Na PD, to orchestrate a medley of beloved games. Na PD’s surprise appearance delights the band members, who are charmingly starstruck. The episode provides a glimpse into the popularity of American celebrities in Korea, as BTS engages in a game to swiftly identify various stars. This leads to a viral moment when J-Hope mistakenly identifies Conan O’Brien as “Curtain,” a moment O’Brien graciously acknowledged on his show whereas Jimin couldn’t recognise soccer player Son Heung-min.

The four-episode series, with two episodes exclusively available on the Game Caterers’ YouTube channel, consistently delivers entertainment. However, the pinnacle is reached in BTS x Game Caterers’ Episode 2, where the members are assigned covert challenges—such as peeling 100 quail eggs or discreetly slipping coins onto each other—within a strict 30-minute timeframe. The game swiftly descends into chaos as members juggle completing their missions while trying to thwart others’, unaware of each other’s objectives. It’s a testament to the enduring allure of Run BTS and the camaraderie shared among BTS members, even after over eight years together as a group.

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As Run BTS has more than 150 episodes, there are definitely some of your favourite episodes missing from the list. Let us know in the comment section about your favourite episode.

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