7 Captivating K-Drama OSTs by Male K-pop Idols: BTS’ V, SEVENTEEN’s DK and More 

K-dramas are always elevated with OSTs and when the K-pop world meshes with the K-drama world, it gives us the best songs to add to our playlist! 

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K-dramas and OSTs are like butter and bread – their collaboration is iconic. A scene gets more emotional when a beautiful OST plays in the background. From funny scenes to sad scenes – there is an OST for everything! Soundtracks add a layer of finesse to the drama and immerse a viewer into the storyline even further. It is also used as a callback when a fan listens to the song in their day-to-day lives and are reminded of the scene where the song was played.  

From BTS’ V to SEVENTEEN’s DK – here are a few K-drama OSTs by male K-pop idols that leave a lasting impression. 

7 K-Drama OSTs by Male K-pop Idols 

The Reasons of My Smiles by SEVENTEEN’s BSS (Queen of Tears) 

The first OST from the 2024 rom-com drama Queen of Tears, The Reasons of My Smiles is BSS’ first K-drama soundtrack and they knocked it out of the park! The slow-paced yet butterfly-inducing song represents the feeling one gets when one spends time with that one person.


Queen of Tears Episode 1 Preview - K-Dramas OSTs by Male K-pop Idols

The 16-episode series stars the popular and talented actors, Kim Soo-hyun, Kim Ji-won, Na Young-hee, Jung Jin-young, Kwak Dong-yeon, Park Sung-hoon, Kim Jung-nan and others.  

With You by BTS’ Jimin, Ha Sung-woon (Our Blues) 

The slow and soft song by BTS’ Jimin is his first OST which he sang with his close friend Ha Sung-woon. The song talks about being there with their loved ones and promising to stay through the good and the bad times. The heartfelt lyrics coupled with the ethereal instrumental and Jimin-Ha Sung-woon’s beautiful vocals add to the experience. 

YouTube videoYouTube video

Our Blues is a 2022 omnibus series starring Kim Woo-bin, Shin Min-ah, Lee Byung-hun, Han Ji-min and others. The drama follows the bittersweet stories of the people living in Jeju Island. Their friendship, love and difficulties are beautifully captured as they go about living their lives in the seaside town.

Best Luck by EXO’s Chen (It’s Okay That’s Love) 

The song is known for its strong vocals by Chen, who is a member of the popular K-pop group EXO. The beautiful string instrumental adds to the overall emotional impact of the song. What makes this song unique is the iconic key change, which adds a sense of urgency and emotion to the lyrics. 

It’s Okay That’s Love - K-Dramas OSTs by Male K-pop IdolsIt’s Okay That’s Love - K-Dramas OSTs by Male K-pop Idols

Chen’s belted high notes are also a standout feature of the song, showcasing his impressive vocal range. The lyrics, ‘Because I’m so lucky’ are simple but meaningful, and they have resonated with fans of the drama series. Best Luck is an iconic K-drama OST from the 2014 drama series, It’s Okay, That’s Love. The series starred Jo In-sung, Gong Hyo-jin, EXO’s D.O. and other talented actors.

Go! by SEVENTEEN’s DK (Twenty-Five, Twenty-One) 

This OST by SEVENTEEN’s DK from Twenty-Five Twenty-One is the perfect motivation song as you take on a new day to overcome challenges! With the fast-paced electric guitar instrumental and DK’s passionate vocals, one will be filled with positive energy! The song complements the drama and tells the story of overcoming setbacks to reach the top. 

K-Dramas OSTs by Male K-pop Idols - Twenty Five Twenty OneK-Dramas OSTs by Male K-pop Idols - Twenty Five Twenty One

The drama stars Kim Tae-ri, Nam Joo-hyuk, Choi Hyun-wook and WJSN’s Bona and was released in 2022. The story follows a group of young, talented individuals who find their way in the world and learn many life-changing lessons. 

Like A Star by NCT’s Doyoung (Yumi’s Cells)

As you listen to the song, it’s easy to get lost in its ethereal essence. From the very beginning, the title sets the stage for a unique and otherworldly experience that transports you to a place beyond this reality. And when Doyoung’s angelic voice enters the scene, the lyrics come to life in a breathtakingly beautiful way. Like A Star feels like a warm hug on a cold day!

YouTube videoYouTube video

The song is from the hit 2021 drama Yumi’s Cells starring Kim Go-eun, Ahn Bo-hyun, GOT7’s Jinyoung and others. The drama follows a girl, her cells and their journey through various experiences like work, love, etc. 

Christmas Tree by BTS’ V (Our Beloved Summer) 

This is a soundtrack that became more popular than the drama itself, all thanks to BTS’ V’s husky voice, the beautiful lyrics and the soft instrumental! Christmas Tree is mostly in English, leaving an impression on the international fans. The song feels like a painting coming to life with each line becoming a stroke of paint on the canvas and the instrumental acts like the background colour which adds to it! 

our beloved summer - K-Dramas OSTs by Male K-pop Idolsour beloved summer - K-Dramas OSTs by Male K-pop Idols

The song is from the 2021 drama starring Choi Woo-shik and Kim Da-mi. The drama surrounds the love story of an ex-boyfriend and an ex-girlfriend who are forced to come together for a documentary. The proximity allows them to get closer and the hate slowly turns to love. 

Stand By Me by SHINee (Boys Over Flowers) 

We cannot have a list of K-drama OSTs by male K-pop idols and not include SHINee’s iconic OST from the 2009 drama Boys Over Flower. Till today, the song represents the typical K-drama OSTs from the late 2000s – early 2010s. With SHINee’s young yet impactful vocals and the early 2000s bubbly instrumental, the song leaves an impact even after so many years! 

The 2009 drama stars Lee Min-ho, Koo Hye-sun, Kim Bum, Kim Hyun-joong and others. A remake of the Japanese manga, Boys Over Flowers follows the love story of a poor girl who joins an elite school and starts a love-hate relationship with the leader of the most feared group, F4. 

YouTube videoYouTube video

K-dramas are known for their captivating storylines, stunning cinematography, and memorable soundtracks. Many K-pop idols have lent their voices to these soundtracks, creating some of the most iconic OSTs in K-drama history. While there are many male K-pop idol OSTs to choose from, there are 7 tracks that stand out as the most representative of their respective dramas. These OSTs not only showcase the vocal talent of these idols but also perfectly capture the emotions and themes of each drama. 

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