7 Dating News That Shocked K-pop in March 2024: aespa Karina – Lee Jae Wook, TWICE Jihyo – Yun Sung Bin, More!

It’s not the official month of love, but March has definitely been a memorable time for fans after numerous dating news filled the K-pop scene.

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Among these relationship news, some were dismissed as “unfounded” and some couples even refused to confirm it. One pair, however, proudly announced the romance to the public.

1. Ex-Weki Meki Doyeon – Gong Myung

Gong Myung, Kim Doyeon
Gong Myung, Kim Doyeon

On February 26, the series of dating news began from the relationship rumor involving actor Gong Myung and former Weki Meki turned actress Kim Doyeon.

Both are artists under Fantagio, but their label immediately denied the rumor, stating that they only have a senior-junior relationship.

2. aespa Karina – Lee Jae Wook

aespa Karina Comments on Leaving a Partner to Date Another Resurfaces Following Lee Jae Wook Dating News
aespa Karina, Lee Jae Wook

On February 27, aespa Karina and actor Lee Jae Wook raised suspicions of having a romantic relationship.

According to Dispatch’s exclusive report, they “fell in love at first sight” after meeting at a fashion event in January. They started dating since then.

Both agencies confirmed the romance. Sadly, Karina had to apologize for her relationship with the actor after her fans, MYs, “felt betrayed” and protested against her romance.

3. BIGBANG G-Dragon – Kim Go Eun

G-Dragon Denies Dating Beauty Queen Kim Go Eun: 'The two are just close friends...'
(Photo : BIGBANG G-Dragon (Instagram | Pinterest))

On March 10, BIGBANG G-Dragon was embroiled in dating rumors along with former Miss Korea runner-up, Kim Go Eun.

Speculations started when VIPs (GD fans) spread photos of the two allegedly attending a PSG game in July last year. Fans also noticed their overlapping backgrounds in their Instagram posts.

G-Dragon’s new label Galaxy Corporation quickly denied it and claimed that they only have a sibling-like relationship.

4. Ryu Jun Yeol – Han So Hee (feat. Girl’s Day Hyeri)

K-Netz Re-Examined Timeline of Girl's Day Hyeri-Han Sohee's 'Beef' Over Ryu Jun Yeol
(Photo : Han So Hee, Ryu Jun Yeol, Girl’s Day Hyeri (Pinterest))

On March 15, Girl’s Day Hyeri’s ex-boyfriend Ryu Jun Yeol was confirmed to be dating actress Han So Hee.

However, this sparked a controversy after the idol made a cryptic post on her Instagram, saying, “This is funny,” amid the dating controversy. Some then assumed that she was insinuating that a “cheating” happened and that her 7-year beau left her for the actress.

Han So Hee then posted on her IG, which seemed to be a response to Hyeri. There, she claimed her relationship with Ryu Jun Yeol wasn’t a “transit love,” and that she’s not the type to like someone who’s in a relationship.

5. Kim Soo Hyun – Kim Sae Ron

Kim Sae Ron, Kim Soo Hyun
Kim Sae Ron, Kim Soo Hyun
(Photo : Sports SQ)

On March 24, singer-actor Kim Soo Hyun shocked the entertainment industry and his fans when former labelmate Kim Sae Ron uploaded their selfie on her social media account.

When dating assumptions arose, his agency stated that it wasn’t true and expressed that they were also confused about the actress’ intention.

6. TWICE Jihyo – Yun Sung Bin

TWICE Jihyo Reportedly Dating Athlete Yun Sung Bin for 1 Year – How Did They Meet?
(Photo : TWICE Jihyo, Yun Sung Bin (Kpopping | Instagram))

On March 25, the dating rumor between TWICE Jihyo and Pyeongchang Winter Olympics skeleton gold medalist Yun Sung Bin became a hot topic.

On this day, multiple media outlets reported that Jihyo and Yun met through an acquaintance, and have been dating for about a year.

The two also appeared on MBC’s entertainment show “I Live Alone” last year, and both are interested in sports and fitness.

Meanwhile, Jihyo’s agency JYP Entertainment only stated:

 “It is difficult to confirm it because it is a private matter.”

7. Lee Chae Min & Ryu Da In

6 Dating News That Shocked K-pop in March 2024: aespa Karina - Lee Jae Wook, TWICE Jihyo - Yun Sung Bin, More!
(Photo : Lee Chae Min & Ryu Da In (Instagram))

On March 25, another new couple was born as Lee Chae Min and Ryu Da In revealed their relationship!

According to eyewitnesses, they were spotted roaming around the streets during their date, and it seemed like their relationship isn’t necessarily a secret, since they openly do “lovestagram,” such as posting pictures taken by each other and sending affectionate messages in the comments.

Lee Chae Min’s name became known in the K-pop scene as KBS’ “Music Bank” MC and is currently leading the music show along with LE SSERAFIM maknae Hong Eunchae.