7 K-pop Idols Caught in Emotional Meltdown on Instagram Live

In the captivating realm of K-pop, where idols are renowned for their polished and composed demeanor, there are rare instances when they can no longer mask their genuine emotions. In fact, several idols have opened up and shed tears while expressing their innermost thoughts and struggles.

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From TWICE Jeongyeon to BTS V and more, here are 7 K-pop idols who shared heartfelt moments with their fans during live stream.

TWICE Jeongyeon


(Photo : Instagram) TWICE Jeongyeon

TWICE Jeongyeon couldn’t hold back her tears when reflecting on the group’s demanding work schedule and the dedication of her fellow members.

She expressed her desire to provide strength to her team but admitted her own struggles in maintaining a constant smile in front of their fans.



(Photo : Instagram) ITZY Yuna

During a heartfelt moment after ITZY’s first-place win on M Countdown for their single “Mafia In The Morning,” Yuna shared her gratitude for their fans, MIDZYs. She acknowledged the positive impact they have on her confidence both on and off stage, leaving her emotionally touched.  

The Boyz Kevin


(Photo : Instagram) The Boyz Kevin

Overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and appreciation from fans, The Boyz Kevin couldn’t help but shed tears. He expressed his gratitude for the immense support he receives and acknowledged that his fans, The Bs, are his ultimate source of strength. 



(Photo : Instagram) EXO Kai

During his solo debut V Live, EXO Kai touched the hearts of his fans, EXO-Ls/Eris when he broke down in tears while reading heartfelt messages from the fanbase.

The genuine love and support deeply moved the talented singer and main dancer.

EXO Suho


(Photo : Instagram) EXO Suho

EXO leader Suho shed tears during a V Live session as he empathized with EXO-Ls who were feeling stressed about music charts. He expressed his apologies for not meeting their expectations and emphasized his desire to continue performing alongside his fellow members for a long time. 



(Photo : Instagram) BTS V

BTS V, known for his introspective nature, displayed his vulnerable side while discussing his relationship with his siblings.

Although he didn’t elaborate on the details, his emotional reaction highlighted the depth of his feelings towards his family.

BTS Jimin

BTS Jimin

(Photo : Instagram) BTS Jimin

It’s worth noting that BTS Jimin has also shared emotional moments with his fans. Jimin has been open about his struggles with self-doubt and the pressures of the industry.

These moments have resonated deeply with fans worldwide.

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Kpop Idols

(Photo : Instagram) Jimin, V, Suho, Jeongyeon, Kevin, Kai

These glimpses into the emotional lives of K-pop idols remind us that behind their flawless performances and radiant smiles lie real individuals who face their own challenges.

Despite the pressure to maintain an image of strength and perfection, these idols bravely allow themselves to be vulnerable in front of their fans. Their honesty and authenticity only deepen the bond between them and their devoted supporters.

As fans, we should continue to support our favorite idols and remember that they too are human beings with their own hopes, fears, and dreamsLet us appreciate their bravery in sharing these emotional moments and continue to shower them with love and encouragement as they navigate their demanding careers in the K-pop industry.

Meanwhile, K-pop idols’ talents are not only limited to singing, dancing, rapping, composing, and producing songs. Some of them are actually skilled in martial arts, including Taekwondo- and several of them are black belt holders.

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