7 K-pop Idols Whose Real Names Are Often Mistaken as Stage Names: Jennie, Jeno, More!

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Due to varying reasons, it is common in the K-pop scene for idols to use stage names. However, THESE stars already have unique real names that fans often mistook for their aliases!

With the influx of Korean celebrities, there are a lot of K-pop idols who opted to use a stage name to avoid confusion.

In other cases, it also improved their image & familiarity to a larger audience beyond Koreans.

However, there are also stars who decided to use their unique real names as it is, surprising K-pop enthusiasts once they realized they weren’t actually using stage names!


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While some initially thought that Jennie was a stage name, the BLACKPINK global star clarified that it was actually the English spelling of her real name, Kim Je Ni.

In the early days of her debut, she often received questions about her real name, thus, she explained that it was her mother who gave her that name, referencing Jaehee, actor Lee Jung Jae’s role in his hit drama, “Sandglass.”

Nevertheless, due to the star’s elegant visuals and fluent English skills, the name suits her perfectly.

2. NCT Dream Jeno

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Hearing Jeno’s name, people often mistook it for an English name and his alias. However, it was indeed his. birthname, which has a rather deep and significant meaning.

Based on the Chinese character, Je (帝) means “King,” while No (努) means hard-working. This is one of the main reasons his fans often associate the idol’s name with a crown-shaped emoticon.

3. MAMAMOO Moonbyul

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In Moonbyul’s case, it was really beautiful since she was able to use both her last and first names as one.

In particular, her birthname is Moon Byul-yi and combined together, she got Moonbyul.
Fans were stunned by its meaning that seemed to match each other, too. Since Byul means “star,” thus if added to the word, “moon,” the nickname “moonstar” will be created.

4. Kang Daniel

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Another special case was Kang Daniel’s name. Originally, he was born Kang Eui Geon, however, he later on legally changed it to Kang Daniel due to difficulties that people around him met when pronouncing his name.

Thus, technically, when he debuted as Kang Daniel, it wasn’t a stage name cause legally, it is his real name now.

5. NCT Mark

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In Mark’s case, since he’s a Korean-Canadian, he has an English name, Mark Lee, which is also his birth name. However, he is also referred to as Lee Min Hyung, a Korean name given to him.

6. WJSN Luda

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Interestingly, a lot of K-pop fans initially thought that Luda was also using a stage name, due to her unique name.

However, it is indeed her birthname which means, “to achieve anything.”

7. Former Gugudan Mimi

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Unlike Oh My Girl’s Mimi who is only using a stage name (her real name is Kim Mi Hyun), former Gugudan Mimi confused K-pop fans if she’s also using it as an alias.

However, it was her real name which has a meaning of “double beauty” as Mi (美) stands for beautiful.

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