8 Anticipated Kpop Debuts of 2024 Revealed So Far That We’re Hyped to Witness: TWS, I’LL IT and More

With the new year finally here, it’s time to move on to some of the most anticipated Kpop debuts of 2024! 2023 proved to a great year in terms of many debuting talents from the musical field coming forward with their groundbreaking tunes. Nearly all the BTS members ventured to dive into their solo journeys, whereas groups like RIIZE, BOYNEXTDOOR, LIMELIGHT, KISS OF LIFE, 8TURN and many others came to the top as promising newcomers. (G)I-DLE’s former member Soojin also stepped out into the light after a hiatus to take on the responsibilities of a solo artist.

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In the same breath new sub-units of existing groups, such as MONSTA X’s first official sub-unit brought together Shownu and Hyungwon as a sizzling duo, and Doyoung, Jaehyun and Jungwoo formed yet another NCT sub-unit – NCT DoJaeJung. A lot of things hit fans out of nowhere, and the same, if not more, can be expected from the year that’s just opened its novel chapter to us. Here’s a concise list of some Kpop debuts 2024 that will be joining the ranks of K-pop musicians we’ve come to admire so far.

Anticipated Kpop Debuts of 2024


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Ready to debut on January 22, 2024, the TWS members will be sharing the same label as SEVENTEEN – PLEDIS Entertainment. This upcoming boy group has so far been widely recognised as SEVENTEEN’s sibling group since Hoshi even went so far to graciously introduce the then hooded trainees attending their then fan-meeting, ‘SEVENTEEN in Carat Land’. So far the announcements related to the new PLEDIS group have highlighted that it will consist of six members – Shinyu, Dohoon, Youngjae, Hanjin, Jihoon and Kyungmin.

Their debut mini album is titled Sparkling Blue, which is slated for its release on January 22, following the scheduled pre-release track, Oh Mymy : 7s, releasing on January 2. Social media accounts for the group have also been launched ahead of their actual debut date, and in case you were wondering, TWS works as an acronym for “Twenty Four Seven With Us”.

NCT New Team

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In other conversations, this group has also been referred to as NCT 140 and NCT Tokyo, but for now, the ‘New Team’ title has stuck. The six-member sub-unit of NCT stands as the last introduction to the grand roster. Sion and Yushi were pre-announced as the first two members of the group, while the remaining five were finalised through the pre-debut show NCT Universe: LASTART. Unfortunately, Jungmin departed from the group in October 2022 due to health reasons.

Now, the final six members joining the lineup are Sion (leader), Riku, Yushi, Daeyoung, Ryo and Sakuya. The sextet released a pre-debut digital single, Hands Up, raising more anticipation and fervour around their debut slated for 2024.


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Probably among the recent-most raging issues of reality survival competition shows, JTBC’s R U Next was one such broadcast that introduced us to several potential K-pop stars in the making. After the 7 rounds of assessment through this show, the initially humongous lineup of participants was narrowed down to six final contestants who’d be debuting under Belift Lab, just like ENHYPEN members did through the survival show I-Land. I’LL IT is short for “I Will Be It”, which works as the group’s motto referring to the girls’ remarkably versatile talents that can shape into anything and are not limited to certain scopes.

I’LL IT members Yunah, Minju, Moka, Youngseo, Wonhee and Iroha are expected to debut in 2024. The final date is yet to be revealed.


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Debuting under JYP Entertainment, this six-member girl group was formed through the reality TV series A2K, through a collaborative partnership between JYP and Republic Records. Members Camila, Lexi, Kendal, Savanna, KG and Kaylee either hold Canadian or American nationalities. VCHA debut is slated for January 26 with the first single, Girls of the Year, accompanied by the track, XO Call Me. Touted as an American girl group based in South Korea, VCHA has also released other pre-release singles, SeVit (New Light), Y.O.Universe and Ready for the World.

Super Junior LSS

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Super Junior members Leeteuk, Shindong and Siwon will be forming the group’s sixth subunit, slated to debut in Japan on January 17, 2024, which will predate their eventual Korean debut. Their mini album, Let’s Standing Show, will work as their first official musical record as a trio. However, technically this isn’t the first time these artists will be performing as the ‘LSS’ subunit of the grand 2nd generation boy group from SM. They initially stepped out together during the SUPER JUNIOR World Tour – Super Show 9 : Road in 2022.

This album will be consisting of 4 songs, among which, their previously released tracks, Shutter Close and Ceremony are also listed. An upcoming exclusive solo tour for the trio, SUPER JUNIOR-L.S.S. The Show : Th3ee Guys, is also in the works and it will be held on February 3-4 in Seoul.


KATSEYE members Manon, Sophia, Daniela, Lara, Megan and Yoonchae are yet another global sextet that found their new beginnings through a reality survival show. HYBE America and Geffen Records’ collaborative effort made way for The Dream: Debut Academy series in 2023, opening the doors for the girls’ expected 2024 debut.

SMNGG (SM New Girl Group)

Yet to gain an identity and name, the new SM girl group’s debut date keeps moving around, but it’s still stayed restricted within the 2024 horizon. Following aespa’s debut in 2020, this would be the first girl music act to find its origins with SM Entertainment. Another latest report from Korean sources has revealed that the group will be launched around the second quarter of the year. An elusive post sharing pictures of some girls was revealed in November 2022 on the SM training unit Instagram page, hinting at the possibility of the upcoming group consisting of 8 members.

PENTAGON Hui Solo Debut

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The PENTAGON leader is finally taking some time out for himself and his personal creative expression as he’ll be making his solo debut on January 16. Kicking off his new journey, his first mini album is titled, Whu Is Me: Complex. Hui has initially also released a digital single and OSTs, and has even been a contestant on the 2023 survival reality show, Boys Planet.

Many more debuts through other reality series will be announced in the coming weeks or months. Which of the new Kpop groups of 2024 introduced above interest you the most so far? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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