8 Fourth-Gen K-pop Female Idols Who Are ‘All-Rounders’: aespa Winter, LE SSERAFIM Kim Chaewon, MORE!

In K-pop, fans are well aware of how roles are given to each member of a group. Main vocalist, lead vocalist, main dancer, sub-rapper, main visual, and the list goes on! However, in today’s fourth generation of K-pop, there are several female idols who are considered full packages.

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Here are 8 fourth-gen K-pop girl group members who are ‘All-Rounder’ idols!

1. IVE Ahn Yujin

IVE Ahn Yujin

(Photo : Instagram: @_yujin_an)

Ahn Yujin is an all-rounder idol due to her stage presence and talent. However, that’s not all, as Yujin is also talented in acting, and is able to captivate everyone with her gorgeous visuals.

From being IZ*ONE’s maknae puppy to IVE’s firm leader, Yujin is also appreciated by many for her dedication to her career, members, and fans. This is just one of the strong factors that can also lead Yujin to be a successful soloist one day.

2. LE SSERAFIM Kim Chaewon


(Photo : Instagram: @le_sserafim)

Kim Chaewon’s presence on the stage is not one to be trifled with, as the LE SSERAFIM leader is consistent in wrecking fans through her performances. In contrast to her adorable demeanor, Chaewon has also displayed her leadership many times.

Having talent, charisma, and ability to command the stage, Chaewon is considered one of fourth-gen’s all-rounder idols.

3. aespa Winter

aespa Winter

(Photo : Instagram: @aespa_official)

Winter is considered an all-rounder due to her duality and vocals. While quiet in nature, Winter has proven many times that she’s a performer on the inside. The idol can also transition from being elegant to being cool through her vibe and fashion.

4. aespa Karina

aespa Karina

(Photo : Instagram: @aespa_official)

aespa’s leader Karina also made it on the list because of her talent and ability to hypnotize fans with her alluring presence on the stage. Moreover, she is also considered an all-rounder because of how talented she is in rapping, and this is evident in how smooth her flow is.

5. NewJeans Hanni

NewJeans Hanni

(Photo : twitter|@NewJeans_ADOR@)

NewJeans’ adorable peach Hanni is also one of fourth-gen’s all-rounders because of how sweet her voice is in ballads and her solo verses.

Aside from her cute visuals, Hanni is also a beast in dancing, and this is shown through NewJeans’ hard-hitting choreography where members do improvised dance moves. As seen in their choreography videos, Hanni always slays!

6. STAYC Sieun


(Photo : Instagram: @stayc_highup)

STAYC’s current leader Sieun takes one on the list for being an all-rounder idol in the fourth gen. In STAYC, Sieun is the main vocalist, who is well-loved for her wide range and pitch.

She also captures everyone’s attention with her dance moves, while also shocking the community with her rap segment in “Teddy Bear,” showing how talented she is. But these are just in her K-pop career, as Sieun is also talented in acting.

Before her debut in STAYC, Sieun is also an acclaimed actress, who won Best Young Actress at the 2018 SBS Drama Awards for her role in “Still 17” (2018).

7. NMIXX Haewon

NMIXX Haewon

(Photo : Twitter: @NMIXX_official)

NMIXX leader Haewon is one certified bias wrecker in the group for her vocals and dance skills. Many can agree how well she could slay in her performances and covers, making her one of fourth-gen’s all-rounders.

8. ITZY Yeji


(Photo : Instagram: @itzy.all.in.us)

Yeji can easily pass off as a soloist because of how talented she is in her primary role as main dancer.

However, Yeji can also carry herself in the vocal department, and this is consistently shown through her high notes in ITZY’s songs. Furthermore, Yeji is also able to serve in her rap verses.

Do you know any other idols who are all-rounders? Let us know in the comments below!

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