8 K-pop Idols With the Best Airport Fashion in 2023 So Far: TWICE Momo, BTS V, aespa Winter, MORE!

Fans are more than welcome to anticipate their faves’ photocards, concept teasers, and pictorials. However, apart from these moments where we get to see the visuals and fashion of our idols, they are most likely to shine in their airport appearances.

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Airport fashion is long known for being a hot topic across online communities since we get to see our favorite artists flaunt their fashion identities. From casual to eccentric, several idols gained buzz with their stylish airport fashion choices this year.

Here are 8 K-pop idols with the best airport fashion in 2023 so far!

1. TWICE Momo

TWICE Momo's Airport Appearance Takes Adorable Turn With Wholesome Photobomb

(Photo : Dispatch)

TWICE Momo joins the list for her sport black ensemble, which included a jacket from Onitsuka Tiger, a black shirt as interior, and tracker pants. The getup also flaunts Momo’s “dancer” vibe that highlights loose function and comfortable wear.

2. BTS V

8 K-pop Idols With the Best Airport Fashion in 2023 So Far: TWICE Momo, BTS V, MORE!

(Photo : Dispatch)

V also had one of his moments on August 22, when he wore a grey-beige cardigan, and accompanied it with light blue straight-leg jeans from CELINE. Simple yet casual, the fit is a perfect choice for windy weather and lengthy flights.

3. aespa Winter

aespa Airport Fashion: 'Next Level' Chic Styles to Dress Like Members!

(Photo : Newsen)

Winter took it easy with her relaxed outfit on May 22, when aespa headed to France for the Cannes International Film Festival. Apart from her iconic bob hair that stole a lot of hearts, Winter sported a black crochet-knit sleeveless crop top from Gucci.



(Photo : Newsen)

Jisoo made everyone swoon with a form-fitted shirt and paired alongside a banded pleats mini skirt from DUNST. Moreover, the “FLOWER” singer also donned an oval camera bag from DIOR as her accessory, adding charm to Jisoo’s mesmerizing beauty.

5. Stray Kids Hyunjin

Stray Kids Hyunjin

(Photo : Dispatch)

On May 22, Hyunjin made his appearance at Incheon Airport for the Versace La Vacanza Fashion Show at the Cannes Film Festival.

The idol displayed “S-Class” fashion with a Versace ensemble. This consists of a jacquard Jacket, cargo trousers, Grecha Rhegis Boots, and a Grecha Goddess shoulder bag.

6. Red Velvet Seulgi

Red Velvet Seulgi

(Photo : pann.nate)

Seulgi joins the list because of her chic appearance on May 2, when she wore a double denim fit, alongside a pair of silver earrings and GIVENCHY’s ivory mini shoulder bag. The style also blends Seulgi’s feminine and girl-crush sides perfectly.



(Photo : TV Report)

Vernon gained attention for his unconventional style on January 5, when he wore blue denim shorts, along with Saint Laurent’s logo-embroidered striped T-shirt and black biker jacket. Moreover, the idol also sported a pair of pull-on leather boots from Rick Owens.

8. (G)I-DLE Miyeon

(G)I-DLE Fashion: How to Steal Spotlight at Airport With THESE Comfy Outfits!

(Photo : Dispatch)

Miyeon’s appearance on June 30 received buzz due to the idol’s fresh style. The “Queencard” singer wore outfits from CITYBREEZE that consisted of a blue lace-up sleeveless top and a slit flare long skirt.

Furthermore, Miyeon also wore a pair of black platform wedges from Charles & Keith, together with a rattan cross bag from J.ESTINA.

Which fashion choices on the list did you find eye-catching? Let us know in the comments below!

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