8 Kpop Idols in Netflix Reality Shows That Have a Multifaceted Cast: Seungkwan in The Devil’s Plan, Tsuki in Zombieverse and Others

Korean reality TV is on a major high with new titles being announced at every turn, but what draws more of the audience’s attention towards these shows is the choice of casting Kpop idols in Netflix reality shows nowadays. Many of these artists have already had their share of fun with their respective group members on other variety shows associated with their K-pop identity. However, seeing them alongside other actors, celebrities or even non-celeb participants adds a new twist to their onscreen presence, further resulting in their heightening star quality.

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Most of the shows mentioned in this list are already streaming on Netflix, however, there may also be some upcoming names that are yet to premiere. Regardless of that, there’s a high chance that your interest has been piqued by these titles owing to them featuring your favourite K-pop singers. You’re not the only ones to be charged guilty in that arena, because we’re right there with you. If you’re still hoping to see your beloved artists in a new light and in the company of new people, you must check out their appearances in the shows listed below.

Kpop Idols in Netflix Reality Shows

SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan in The Devil’s Plan

YouTube video

In this yet to release brain competition reality series, SEVENTEEN Seungkwan will appear as one of the 12 contestants racing ahead to win the title of the brainiest player in the lot. Known for his witty remarks, the SEVENTEEN member has even previously won the Best Male Idol Entertainer at the 2022 Korea First Brand Awards. He’s often hosted numerous game segments on the Pledis Entertainment boy group’s own comedy variety series Going SEVENTEEN, and has even been featured as the only person to represent the group at many Korean variety show shoots.

His MC skills have won the fans’ hearts on many occasions, which is why when the news of him being casted on the Netflix show first came out, fans were overjoyed to see him have won over one of the biggest feats of his solo career as an entertainer. Though quick on his feet with the members, it will be interesting to see how Boo Seungkwan’s presence will add on to the upcoming reality show’s weight. Watch the all-rounder artist leave his mark on the show premiering on September 26, 2023.

EXO’s Kai in New World

YouTube video

New World premiered on the streamer in 2021, and it again proved EXO Kai’s impressive variety show presence. Carrying out his missions adeptly, Kai’s chemistry with the rest of the cast of the show including Jo Bo-ah, Lee Seung-gi, Eun Ji-Won and Park Na-rae is definitely one of the winning factors of the show. Kai, himself, mentioned in an interview that this show’s refreshing concept helped uncover a new side of his personality. Considering that this was a reality show that involved the cast playing a lot of pranks and games, Kai was happy to learn more about life and betrayal through it all.

However, he wasn’t the only K-pop star to have been on this show. Super Junior’s Heechul aka Kim Heechul aka Kai’s senior from SM Entertainment also participated in New World, and was excited to shoot for it on an island. Following an imaginary simulation concept, the series situates its contestants in a utopia, where everything is perfect, but unpredictable events pushed into their faces test their survival skills from time to time.

RAIN in The Hungry and The Hairy

YouTube video

K-pop veteran Rain aka Jung Jihoon embarks on a motorbike adventure with his buddy Ro Hong-chul (Zombiverse) in The Hungry and the Hairy as they both take in the scenic treats on their way while also devouring relishing dishes all over Korea. The relaxing and unwinding theme of the show will want you to head out on a similar expedition with your best friends without a single thought. Despite all the landscapes that are brought into the picture on this show, the duo’s friendship and candid fervour make it a lighthearted and surprisingly fun watch.

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Billlie’s Tsuki in Zombieverse

YouTube video

Billlie Tsuki is a Japanese singer and she debuted with the aforementioned K-pop girl group in 2021, but in 2023, yet another starry opportunity headed her way when she was casted in the out-of-the-box Korean reality show Zombieverse, which is basically a parody of the K-drama series All of Us Are Dead.

Alongside other cast members, Lee Si-young of Sweet Home, Dex of Single’s Inferno, comedians Park Na-rae and Ro Hong-chul, internet personalities Jonathan and Patricia, South Korean rapper DinDin and others, she was expected to outwit the walking dead during a zombie outbreak in Seoul. She was the “maknae” of the group and there were certain episodes where the other members looked out for her, thus making her out as one of the main characters who even ended up coming out as one of the very few survivors on the show.

AKMU’s Lee Suhyun in Nineteen to Twenty

Kpop Idols in Netflix Reality Shows - Le Suhyun

As one of the four MCs of the show, AKMU Lee Suhyun took the charge of reciprocating the audience’s squealing emotions on the show. Offering a valid commentary on the young adults’ growing feelings and changes in life while standing on the precipice of adulthood, she often made remarks that made our thoughts feel validated onscreen as well. Also, of course, you can’t help but fall for her bubbly personality, both as one of the hosts of the show and as a member of the singing sibling duo of AKMU.

Again, she wasn’t alone on this journey. Super Junior’s Kyuhyun and Starship Entertainment’s Jeong Sewoon were her fellow K-pop colleagues on the youthful dating reality show.

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun in Single’s Inferno Season 1 and 2

Kpop Idols in Netflix Reality Shows - Kyuhyun

Nineteen to Twenty was a 2023 creation of the same PD involved in the ropes of pushing for Single’s Inferno. It’s no surprise that Kyuhyun was casted as one of the four hosts of the relatively new premiere on Netflix as he’d already wowed the audience with his takes on relationships, emotions and whatnot on the two seasons of the adult dating show. He became an integral part to our viewing experience on both these shows as he always aptly captured the turmoil and emotional rollercoaster we were going through in our own heads too.

Kim Se-jeong and EXO’s Sehun in Busted

YouTube video

The Uncanny Counter‘s Kim Se-jeong is also a splendid singer who just recently released her first full-length album Door in September 2023, but before that she took on the challenge to participate as a celebrity sleuth in one of the most entertaining Korean reality shows on Netflix, i.e. Busted. The series has already put out three seasons of its shenanigans which also included EXO Sehun as one of the main cast members of the show since the beginning of the journey.

Certain episodes (over all three seasons) of the reality show also featured cameos or special appearances of other K-pop artists like Red Velvet’s Wendy, AOA Shin Hye-jeong, IZONE members, SF9 Rowoon and even EXO Suho to name a few.

Which of these reality shows starring Kpop idols did you enjoy watching the most? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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