8 Times K-pop Idols Put ‘Delulu’ Fans In Their Place

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Interaction between fans and idols is one of the most wholesome things on the planet, as this action require nothing but sincerity and love. Fans’ admiration for their idols are also strong, making them blurt out silly random things that are funny and flat-out memorable.

However, in K-pop, some idols are blunt enough to kid around, which can lead fans to hilariously end up receiving their own reality check!

Here are 8 times K-pop idols proved that being delulu is not often the solulu!

1. BTS Jungkook

@zani__fj who’s “we” #정국 #foryoupage #jungkook #bts #방탄소년단  original sound – zani

Jungkook joins the list since the idol displayed his evil maknae vibes during a livestream. On his broadcast, Jungkook happened to read a comment, which contained a proposal.

However, the “Seven” singer returned it by asking “Who’s ‘we’?”

Jungkook: “We’re getting married tomorrow’ (laughs). Who’s ‘we’?”

2. BTS Jin

@lilyoonigi #seokjin #jin #bts #fy #fyp  original sound – ʟɪʟʏᴏᴏɴɪɢɪ xᴏxᴏ

Jin also has his savage moments. When Jin reiterated a proposal made on the comments, the idol was quick to reject this “nonsense.” What makes this even funnier is that, how can anyone effortlessly make a hilarious remark with a straight face like that?

Jin: “‘Please marry me.’ Please don’t say (such) nonsense.”

3. SHINee Taemin

@cheesestickyt  #SHINee #taemin #kpop #kpopfyp  original sound – cheese stick

Another evil maknae, Taemin gained buzz for his remark that put everyone out of delulu land. During a livestream, Taemin read a comment requesting the idol to switch residences with the netter.

Taemin then dropped the perfect response that fused common sense, sarcasm, and logic altogether! After all, who would consciously make the decision to live with a stranger?

Taemin: “‘Come live with me.’ Who are you? How dare you ask me to live together (with you)? Who are you? (in English).”


@snapshaot minghao is so real. [ #seventeen #carat #svt #minghao #the8 #photocard #kpop #fypシ  나란히 (Side By Side) (Korean Ver.) – THE 8

The8’s viral take on photocard collection also made buzz online. The SEVENTEEN member didn’t just tackle the ‘delulu’ part, but also gave a refreshing insight regarding photocard collection.

The8: “‘What if I don’t get your photocard?’ First, you need to ask yourself why you want that photocard?”

5. iKON Bobby

@ikonsiconic “babe noo!” #ikon#ikonic#ikonik#bobby#bobbyikon#ikonbobby#kimjiwon#ikonsiconic#ikon_tiktok#아이콘#아이코닉스#바비#김지원 ♬ wake up ł bobby – 05/03

Bobby definitely put delulus in their place when he read a breakup comment since the commenter preferred Bobby. The idol was savage enough to tell the commenter to “wake up,” which floored everyone in social media, sparking laughter.

Bobby: “‘I just broke up with my boyfriend because I love you more.’ Bro, wake up! No, no, no.”

6. NCT Jaehyun

@cutiejaeee GOOD MORNING FOR JAEHYUN INSTAGRAM LIVE EVERYONE #jaehyun #nct #nct127 #fyp #nctdojaejung  Moonlight – Kali Uchis

When Jaehyun read a flirtatious good morning comment, it was also followed by a discreet, cringing “Oh my god” remark that can get anyone to uninstall their social media apps!

Jaehyun: “‘Good morning baby.’ Oh my god.”

7. TWICE Nayeon

@kim_sanashiba TWICE bullying ONCEs #twice #once #nayeon #sana #jeongyeon #chaeyoung #twiceonce #twicemoments #트와이스 #twice_tiktok_official #najeongmosajimidachaetzu  SCIENTIST – TWICE

During a livestream, Nayeon teased a ONCE who claimed that he’s going on a date with his girlfriend on Christmas, showing her mischievous side. Whether the fan really had a lovelife or not, Nayeon implied that TWICE members are the only ones sitting in ONCEs’ hearts!

Nayeon: “‘On Christmas, I’m going on a date with my girlfriend.’ Don’t lie to us! (laughs).”

8. MONSTA X Shownu

@kdramas.com223 Is it really cause of MonstaX? #monstax #monstaxshownu #shownu #watchthisvideo #watch #fypシ #foryoupageofficiall #trending #yasssssss #xyzbcafypシ #watchhhhhhthisss  original sound – Baldlix

While this list isn’t ranked, Shownu’s inclusion is undoubtedly the most brutal one. Here’s why:

Shownu: “‘I can’t get a boyfriend because of MONSTA X’ What should I do?’ Is it really because of MONSTA X?”

Which snarky clapback from the list made you laugh the most? Do you know any other savage K-pop idols? Let us know in the comments below!

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